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Rights Groups Hold Emergency Protest vs. Looming 'License to Discriminate'

Rights Groups Hold Emergency Protest vs. Looming 'License to Discriminate'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Rights groups protested outside the White House on Wednesday ahead of an anticipated executive order from the Trump administration—one they say is nothing more than a "license to discriminate."

And will the emperor’s edict include that all LGBTQ youth and adults attach pink triangles to the clothing they wear? How vile, satanic, inhumane, and outright CRUEL can the diabolical demagogue and his religious zealot VP be? Do they drink from the fountain of fear and hate at dawn everyday?

Women will not tolerate his misogyny and all Americans (except his gun-toting, cave-dwelling, white nationalist, white supremacist and hopelessly ignorant base) will NOT ALLOW THESE DEMAGOGUES TO ELIMINATE ALL PROGRESS THAT HAS BEEN MADE TO STOP THE HATE. The courts will quash this edict of evil before the ink is dried.

LOVE is the answer and will triumph over hate.

(Sending ACLU my contribution to their fight to stop this travesty in its tracks.)


Now this should be an interesting show down, to say the least. When it lands in the Supreme Court (which I don’t doubt it will), we shall see just how fair minded and balanced Gorsuch turns out to be. if he ends up voting in favor of allowing the Evangelical hypocrites to run this country, he will be another disgraceful figure in a long history of disgraceful behavior by government officials.


So, basically the rightdingers are trying to subvert and all but openly repeal Title VI.

I noticed that one of the hashtag respondents claimed something like “leftists think its a license to discriminate against christians.” You better beleive that door can swing both ways and that is why that respondent had better be against this. But of course that respondent was only trying to defend rump’s decision. Sorry but that doesn’t work. The door swings both ways.

“protect federal employees who refuse to do their jobs if work duties violate their beliefs.” It would be a good time to join the Army, NSA, CIA FBI, ETC… Sit on the job and do nothing because doing so would “violate my beliefs”. That door swings both ways. These republicans want to think they are they are all powerful.

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A gentleman by the name of Gideon Lichfield wrote the following.

First Trump came for the women
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a woman.

Then Trump came for the people with disabilities
And I did not speak out
Because I did not have a disability.

Then Trump came for the African Americans
And I did not speak out
Because I was not African American.

Then Trump came for the Mexicans
And I did not speak out
Because I was not Mexican.

Then Trump came for the Muslims
And I did not speak out
Because I was not Muslim.

Then Trump came for the gay, bi, and trans people
And I did not speak out
Because I was not gay, bi or trans.*

Then Trump came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew.**

Then Trump came for the journalists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a journalist.***

Then Trump came for the judges
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a judge.

And now Trump is coming for the Constitution of the United States
And if I do not speak out, what am I?
_   _  
* Actually I am one of those, and I didn’t speak out about that.
** And one of those, and didn’t speak out about that either.
*** Ditto.
_  _

Thanks, Gideon!


Satan loves his conservative spawn.

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When V. P. Pence takes the office of President, we’ll impeach him too and when Ryan becomes President…when Hatch succeeds Ryan…when Tillerson…etc. The Republicans spent 8 years obstructing Obama. The genuine Moral Majority will continue as we have since day one of Trump’s rein to stand for the rights of our people. I can’t think of a more patriotic reason to obstruct the President than to fight to protect the Constitution.

BTW, where are Trey Gowdy’s objections to the litany of E.O.'s by Trump. He was so outraged by Obama’s E.O.'s, shouting “We (the Congress) make law!”

His remarks should be taken to heart by his comrade, Trump. In fact, this is a fine sermon for the Don.

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Obviously the demented dimwit, who has no knowledge of our nation’s history, civics, geography, nor world history, does not understand the concept that CONGRESS MAKES THE LAWS. This imperial president/self-proclaimed emperor and master of all he surveys compelled by his narcissism and hubris is chipping away at his GOP support in Congress…bit by bit until his house of cards crumbles…but not soon enough. Morning Joe Scarborough made a good argument this week for the plausibility that DJT suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Sea, I don’t see the chipping away of whatever republicans who should possess some common sense (forget statesmanship). Whom do you see trying to put some distance between him/herself and trump…and pence? IMO, apart from the dangerous unpredictability and ignorance of trump, I consider pence to be a vile dark, dark, and dark malignancy on the Constitution; he’s even more dangerous than this wannabe emperor.

I hope everyone here is calling his /her congresscreeps and pleading for someone to grab the reins on this out-of-control wound-up T-rex.

TPTB will emphasize these differences as a weapon used to control the people. This is why the electorate will vote for fiscally right wing Democrats because of this socially extremist Republican threat.

Ah, the first step to full-on Christian Sharia law in the US.

People better get woke, and fast.

My thinking as well - a religious individual walks into a government office and is served by an atheist - refuse services? Because of disapproval of lifestyle? Or a soldier - there is no draft - disapprove of the choice to volunteer for mercenary - Er military duty?

The bill is too cute by half - by not saying exactly what they mean it can be interpreted any way. There are gay, atheist etc. fed employees!