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Rights Groups Prepare for Fight Against Arkansas' Man-Approved Abortion Law


Rights Groups Prepare for Fight Against Arkansas' Man-Approved Abortion Law

Julia Conley, staff writer

A hearing is scheduled for Thursday in the American Civil Liberties Union's suit to block several new anti-reproductive rights laws that have passed in Arkansas, which would impose severe restrictions on women's abortion access in the state.

The group has joined with the Center for Reproductive Rights to keep the laws from going into effect, starting at the end of July.


Ah yes, Arkansas, that bastion of liberty. Is it the water in Arkansas polluted by fracking waste poison that has addled their minds or something else? Perhaps the malignant influence of extremist narrow-minded male-dominated “religion”, or a diet rich in Monsatan pesticides, or homes built with toxic materials…a steady diet of Faux News and other purveyors of bigotry and propaganda…well, whatever, the women of Arkansas must either fight-back against this slavery or roll-over…


Time to take away the Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and testosterone shots from the members of the Arcanes-Ass legislature and governator…that should make them think twice about oppressing/punishing women with their mean-spirited laws. Sorry boys, but not even the South shall rise again…


Weren’t some of Monsanto’s earliest chemicals tested in Arkansas ?

Ever since I was an over-the-road truck driver forty years ago and was not allowed to haul loads through Arkansas that originated or were destined to farm co-ops I thought Arkansas was one of the most backward states in the US.

Now I KNOW Arkansas is THE most backward state in the US.

It won’t be long before Arkansas makes women swap their voter registration cards for title slips so they can prove who owns them.


All this nonsense is unconstitutional on its face, a ploy to throw red meat to the god-wacked conservative voters that elect them. It will not stand up in any court.


You must have a lot more faith in this supreme court than I do! (it will get there)


So, what if the man said no and then the woman died as a result of her pregnancy, can he be changed with murder? Just asking, these are not karma free laws.


Not really, but except for Thomas and maybe Gorsuch, the other conservatives have enough sense to see this as sexist and thus fundamentally unconstitutional.


The men who crafted this legislation are pathetic. They are so afraid of women that they must use our uteri as tools for subjugation. Well, hang on to your genitals, boys, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!