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Rights Groups Raise Alarm Over Upcoming Supreme Court Case That Could Turn US Into 'Safe Haven' for Abusive Corporations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/rights-groups-raise-alarm-over-upcoming-supreme-court-case-could-turn-us-safe-haven

I know I shouldn’t be surprised by the depths corporations are willing to go to make a buck, but this is a gob smacking, obscene and horrifying new LOW. Your child’s labor to increase their bloated bank accounts. These companies should not be allowed to even exist!

The USA has been a safe haven for abusive corporations ever since they were made into legal persons.

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Our military is already a safe haven for baby killers. Why not expand that to other corporate interests?
When does this trip to immorality station end?

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And yet, now corporations seek a ruling that would exclude them from “personhood” in the case of being sued in US courts for violations of international law, leaving only actual “natural persons” legally liable under the Alien Torts law, not “corporate persons.” Interesting…


And this will be a massive act of social engineering. It will impoverish humanity and enrich the ruling class. Neoliberalism is the greatest act of social engineering ever inflicted on human beings. It is poised to consolidate economic tyranny for generations. Still, self-described “conservatives” support it… apparently because they view social engineering on behalf of the super rich as the result of natural forces.

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That’s the whole conceit of neoliberalism - that it is “natural,” as they engineer the economy “to serve man.” (To Serve Man being a famous short story and Twilight Zone episode, in which we discover of the book the friendly aliens brought with them, To Serve Man, “It’s a cookbook!”)

“Corporations are people”

Except when they act like the worst of humanity

Took the words right out of my mouth.

They want their cake while they eat it.

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i almost used the old “cake” chestnut when i posted…

Sounds like Citizens United in reverse… whatever serves the purpose…

Giving these serial offenders legal immunity will induce a lot of sighing in relief, from those who’ve taken our money over the years. both in office and out, to institute the NEXT in their ENDLESS SERIES OF OFFENSES against common sense, decency, AND yes the American Way (those “ways” that avoid the Endless Abuses of Capitalism, that is), talking about ACCEPTANCE OF OTHERS, and TOLERANCE FOR OTHER WAYS OF LIFE.

But tolerance itself is anathema to a Church of Capitalism that knows full well that to get those higher numbers, there has to be a “battle” going on somewhere… hopefully far out of their own sphere. That leaves the Capitalization of War, and the Capitalization of Peace (that means us, and OUR money are their target).

Taking such SOULLESS ENTITIES word on ANYTHING TO DO WITH MONEY is anathema to me, because I’ve got the receipts from decades of being overcharged for faulty goods and cheap, non-nutritious foods.

I recently got hauled over the coals, when the item I bought arrived VERY broken indeed. I spoke my mind about it – POLITELY – to the seller, who reacted as if I’d threatened her child (I “threatened” no one at all). But she gave me “permission” to send it back, with the understanding that she would refund. I did send it back, and in time, but I’m still waiting to see that money, and I’m sure I’ll wait forever.

See how Capitalists “adjust” their morality and ethics to make ANY situation a “profit” for them, AND a LOSS for us?