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Rights Groups Raise Alarm Over US Government Role in Facebook's Selective Censorship


Rights Groups Raise Alarm Over US Government Role in Facebook's Selective Censorship

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Does anyone trust the Trump administration—or any other government—to compel social media platforms to delete and block anyone it wants to be silenced?"


I have never been an addict of Fuckbook…er…Facebook but I am proud to say that after reading this article I have TERMINATED my hardly-used subscription, or whatever its called. It may not mean much to THEM but to me it is a SLIGHT feeling of power over the Fascists. Join me???


I am not on any of the popular social media platforms. Allows me more time to search out what is really going on in this World.


I would but I never fell for the govt. spy tool to begin with. Even before facebook, I couldn’t understand why anyone would get on my space or what ever it was called and open their lives up to the world, still don’t.

People who are using social media to get their “news”, have a lot more problems than losing a facebook account.


So the US government is now supporting Maduro and Assad for Facebook? The fact that they are not targeted despite the hatred of the US government for them–especially Maduro–contradicts the thesis here.


As soon as it became public knowledge that the USA and Israel were calling the shots and Facebook was co-operating with them it was clear that the best thing to do was to never use Facebook again. Deleting your account will not erase anything but simply never posting again will stop any information transfer going forward.


Face it, Facebook is a corporation, a very new and very huge corporation. An inordinate number of websites use FB to run their comment sections which totally stiffles the interaction between commenters. Huff Po had an excellent system but after selling out to AOL turned the comments over to FB and destroyed the ability to generate a conversation.
However that isn’t the issue here but FB’s sociopathic indifference to what the effects of their site is on the general dialogue or lack thereof. I have yet to find any reason to use it for anything but comments.


FB froze my account because I pointed out Monsanto destroys a livable planet.

So – not just political persons.

FB is doing the bidding of our worst multinationals.