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Rights Groups Slam Trump's Proposed "Immigrant Crime Blotter"


Rights Groups Slam Trump's Proposed "Immigrant Crime Blotter"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Human rights groups are outraged over President Donald Trump's plan to publish a "weekly list of crimes" committed by immigrants living in sanctuary cities.

The foreboding proposal, which was part of several executive orders cracking down on immigration and refugees, is "shocking in the extreme," Human Rights Watch said Thursday.


The fact that Trump is demonizing sanctuary cities with his puerile and pejorative, xenophobia makes one wonder what's next? Maybe reopen those WW11 Japanese interment camps?


Whipping up hate against Hispanic immigrants and Muslims is central to Trump maintaining a political base. Without his supporters hating and fearing these groups that are "a threat" to Americans they will largely see Trump has just another crony capitalist. And the same applies for stirring up antagonism toward China and Mexico. His supporters have some very sensitive hot buttons and Trump/Bannon obviously intend to keep those hot buttons in play at all times.


This should be a slam dunk. If the Press doesn't publish it, then it is dead in the water. All it takes is for the MSM to grow some balls and start acting like a free press, not a propaganda arm of the government.


What this would be is a way for his Alt Nazi supporters to Harass and Intimidate anyone they take a dislike to while wrapping themselves in the Flag.

It would also allow unscrupulous Employers to turn people into Slaves using the threat of "Denouncing" them to this list.


And they wouldn't even have to be illegals, just someone they have a beef with. Every dystopian novel ever written is about to be played out with this dark clown in charge.


This campaign of hate against immigrants and Muslims and war against the truth in the media never fails to sink to new lows. I thought Trump was in the gutter during the primary and general election campaigns but apparently there is a subgutter into which he and Bannon have descended. Trump and Bannon may be on slippery slope to committing unspeakable crimes such as those that occurred in Nazi Germany. Once you descend into this darkness filled with lies and hate where does it stop. We are seeing mass jailing in Turkey and certainly Russia has seen jailing and murder. The millions of Americans filled with hate against racial and ethnic groups and liberals/progressives will probably ultimately go along with anything. Will there be a point where the Republicans in Congress say enough is enough and start impeachment proceedings or will they give into their fears?


Here is my prediction, and I have posted this on more than one occasion: Because of ongoing protests, trump will declare martial law (he;s the law and order candidate after all), and the repubs will finally see that he has gone too far and start impeachment hearings before the end of 2017.


I have such fears as well, however I think it is very possible that Trump would refuse to comply with any such proceeding beginning a constitutional crisis, and likely efforts by Trump and his henchmen to rally dark forces in the military, etc to back him up in a full force coup.

Unthinkable? Maybe to those still blind to the danger.


I fear the same thing. What's next? Hitler started rounding up groups of people for extermination. First it will be refugees, then immigrants, and then Muslims, and then African Americans, and then...well hell, everyone except a few white males that stroke his ego. This man is very sick, and it's showing more by the hour/day.


Ah yes, the old republican game of guilt by association. I expect to see a TV ad featuring Juan Valdez, armed to the teeth, in a Cadillac getting a blowjob from Linda Taylor while waiting to rob a bank with Willie Horton.

It is time to fight fire with fire. Progressives like to think that their high principles are sufficient to sway the fray in their direction. We should stop bringing a teddy bear to a gunfight. I suggested this once before, and got banned from CD. All progressive organizations should pool their resources in a common fund to buy TV time to address every republican scheme forthrightly. We should use this money to dig up dirt and make it public. Put republicans on the defensive. Let them waste their time fact-checking. We have 100000000 or more possible people to make regular small donations to keep the fight public. Use that money to out-buy the right wing in congress. Use it to fund progressive campaigns up and down the ticket. Money, vast sums of it, are the key to taking back the government, especially for funding a counter-propaganda campaign. When Ryan tries to gut the safety net, buy up tons of airtime to expose his schemes and throw in a bit of counter-propaganda to boot. The hell with the democratic party. There's not a set of cojones among the whole lot of them, and many are complicit with their gop bedfellows because the money is so good. Either buy them back outright, or fund progressive challengers to take away their seats in congress. The same plan goes for republicans. We should spend so much money that in a few years the republican party would be just a bunch of pariahs, with the belief in the public's eye that they are not only un-American, but the minions of the anti-Christ (which, in fact, they are). Organized money is the key, lots of it. We can out-collect, out-spend, and finally rid ourselves of the bastards.


Don't hold your breath


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I think we are seeing the start of the nightmare..the Fourth Reich!


Unthinkable? Not to me, after all Erik Prince's sister is in Trump's cabinet.


I asserted that Trump would demonstrate with his actions how dangerous he is, in short order, if he became president.

It was quite evident, that likelihood observing him address crowds and the rest of it during his campaign.

Some still refuse to understand what a grave danger his Administration poses, but reflexively point back to the existing oligarchy, as if to say "what's the big deal?".

It blows my clucking mind.


More people agree with the Democrats on issues then with Republicans at the national level but the Democrats are at a disadvantage because of gerrymandering and the electoral college. This has allowed the minority to take power. The Democrats have won the popular vote in the presidential election six out of the last seven times but have only won four elections. They also have won more total votes for the House but a minority of seats.


"Declined Detainer Outcome Report" - Sounds like it is straight out of Orwell's 1984


Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any other President. FDR continuing Hoovers policies virtually stopped all immigration, including legal immigration and increased deportations during his reign. He Prevented many Jews fleeing Hitler entry and in WW II interned Japanese. Many states during FDR reign had border blockades to prevent Americans from other states to come and compete for jobs.

Enforcing immigration laws is not a bad thing, but a wall seems kind of low tech. National ID system with heavy penalties for companies that hire illegals should do the trick. Making use of non lethal drones to patrol borders to detect and stop illegals should be cost effective


Considering that legal americans commit more crimes, esp the hate crime against the minorities, we should have a listing of those hate crimes instead. Unfortunately that would be a long list, probably longer than the immigrant list.
What he is trying to do is appeal to those people that listened to his big lie that mexico is sending their worse to us, the murderers and rapists. Therefore immigrants are bad people we must be scared of. They are all bad, except for a few. He is still following the playbook of demagogues before him. Demonize some scapegoat, restrict the press, tell people that only he tells the truth, and lead the people into disaster.


The republicans will never see that he has gone too far. This is a road they have been going down for a long time. They will happily go along with martial law and no elections because they will stay in power.

I actually fear that trump is seeking this, a reason to declare martial law so he can remain in power. This is a power hungry man who doesn't care about democracy or other people in anyway. It is all about him. And if he had a chance to become dictator for life, he would seize it.