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Rights Groups Sound Alarm About Devastating Use of Incendiary Weapons in Syria


Rights Groups Sound Alarm About Devastating Use of Incendiary Weapons in Syria

Nika Knight, staff writer

Human rights advocates are condemning the use of incendiary weaponry—including phosphorous bombs—in airstrikes conducted by the Syrian regime and the Russian government on the cities of Aleppo and Idlib on August 7.


“Most people in this city did not even originally want to overthrow the government,” Sharif said.
Well Sharif, unfortunately for you and the rest of the poor dead souls, Hillary and the CIA had other ideas.
“We’re just responding to the horrific acts by the government,” he went on.
That’s called being suckered, dear Sharif.
The CIA are master’s of expanding wars and getting people killed.

International law “restricts” the use of incendiary weapons, it does not “ban” them.
Which is why the US could napalm the hell out of Vietnam.


If by “our allies” you mean Israel, etc., then I’m with you.


There’s an unwritten rule amongst all presidents which says that if you give Israel something then you have to give Saudi Arabia something too, and vice versa.
It’s been that way since 1948.


You can bet your butt that it won’t be a Wahhabi.


And “we” used them in Iraq, too, and probably other places.


The simple solution being. For the US and company. To stop arming, training and backing Islamic JIHADIST. That are there to overthrow the Syrian government. It appears Hitlery will continue this policy of US state sponsored terrorism in Syria. In Syria now over 400.000 dead and millions displaced. When will this carnage and madness end.


They can’t stop supplying weapons as this is how the US makes money. It is all about the MIC making money. The chaos that the US has spread in the middle east is all about making money for the MIC.


Incendiary weapons/white phosphorus, cluster munitions, DP munitions, land mines, fletchet weapons, drones - most all indiscriminate weapons , some banned, others warmonger states refuse to ban, often used against civilian populations, especially by our “special ally”, with which we “have unbreakable bonds” - shackles really, chaining us to depraved racist indifference and contempt for the lives of others - the racist/terrorist state of Israel.

The arms industry/war-machine - manufacturers, suppliers and end users all interdependent, acting in concert to build, distribute, and use indiscriminate weapons for profit - gotta keep using to create demand for more! An “industry” that thrives, and is predicated, on the deaths and displacement of countless men, women and children, and destruction of civilian infrastructure, housing, farms, hospitals - life-sustaining endeavors destroyed for profits.


Can we not get the Syrian people to a safe area outside the war torn zone pronto, stat, immediately, right now? Provide the best care that money can buy, medical, mental health care, healthy food, clothes, shelter, schools, etc. All of this payed for by people like Bill Gates sitting on $75 billion. Bill Gates, and company your run is over, now it’s time to cough up that money! Also, I don’t want to hear any excuses that is his money, F that! It is time for the billion dollar class (almost 1,500 worldwide) to pay the bill!


Seismic shifts in Middle East alliances.
First Turkey. Now Iran and China.
“Uncle Sam’s in a Helluva Jam … Not since Viet Nam”

From ZeroHedge:

China Sides With Russia In Syrian War, Will Provide “Aid And Military Training” To Assad

For The First Time, Russian Strategic Bombers Strike ISIS From Iran’s Hamadan Air Base


This article should point out the fact that the US uses these incendiary weapons.


When the Fourth Reich finally attacks its “Poland” and the rest of the world rises up to defeat it.

  • The only problem is that the Fourth Reich is like the Third Reich on steroids. Larger, more powerful Wehrmacht, even more intrusive Gestapo, more powerful SA and SS, an even more powerful and intrusive Propaganda Ministry and, a vast nuclear arsenal.
  • Unfortunately, if threatened, the Reich would not hesitate to use them, which would be responded to by other nations.
  • Result? The End. Curtain down.


It’s linked in the article. here, I extracted it for you:

Plus, if it was the US the title would be screaming something like “US backed coalition uses incendiary weapons is Syria” and not the passive voice “Rights Groups Sound Alarm About Devastating Use of Incendiary Weapons in Syria”


This particular article is about Russia using incendiary weapon. You’ll have to get your dose of US hate from another one. There’s plenty around.


Oh cluck off jerk. What I hate are _________ like you who couldn’t care less about the fact that US foreign policy is responsible for mass slaughter of innocents every damn day.

Go sign up Johnny Jingo. I mean, why just keep ejaculating right wing screed when you can ejaculate hot lead instead?


Hey, why don’t you issue your own press release? Seems like these guys have no idea what they are doing. By the way, stay safe there. You are on site aren’t you?


Speak for yourself, buddy.

But here’s what I know. Russia is kicking some serious ass in Syria while the US is “knocking on the roof” before dropping a 500lbs precision guided bomb thru it. They are getting results. The US isn’t.


It’s not a pretty picture by no means.


Yet again the article itself is not as interesting as the comments section. HRW does not mention the US - it is only the author who brings it into the narrative as a distant possibility of unrelated and less realistic Syrian civil war development. Yet many indulge in US condemnation nevertheless. It sounds irrational, bizarre and rather pathological.