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Rights Groups Warn Trump 'Jeopardizes Lives' with Cuts to Refugee Resettlement Program

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/01/rights-groups-warn-trump-jeopardizes-lives-cuts-refugee-resettlement-program

You know what really “Jeopardizes Lives?” All the wars and political unrest supported by the United States globally, and the Corporation vs. Human Habitat wars supported by both major political brands. Perhaps we would do better seeking out, demanding, and supporting only Peace and Environment candidates.

Ah, they could never win, let’s keep going with the Democrat war monger or the Republican science denier.

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Breaking News
Trump has tested positive for Covid 19 .
I’m NOT kidding !


I fully agree, Up. Of course we have to have a humane immigration policy and end the nightmare of ICE detention centers. But that cannot be the central note in the left’s attempt to turn around the Titanic. Immigration must be contextualized as a consequence of the things you mentioned: war, capitalist tribute taking around the globe, esp. in the tropics, and climate change. That is where politicians like AOC and Ilhan Omar fail us. Yes, there are fires all around (literally !) but we can’t be distracted this time from keeping our eyes on the prize: major systemic changes that are needed.

The Balkanization of the energies of the left on a million causes to an extent also keeps us from a common conversation: how all of these abuses and crises are generated by our dysfunctional system. But there is 15 minutes of fame – at least on Common Dreams – if you become a spokesperson for one of these thousands of groups. CD in my view would be more helpful if they published FEWER pieces, but better ones. All of these “House Progressives Demand . . . .” and “Rights Groups Warn . . . .” are distracting and dilute our focus. A caveat: many of these groups are doing real work to help real people and should be supported and admired. And many are contributing “pieces of the elephant” that we need to get a better picture, like the study on CD of law firms and their connections to the fossil fuel industry. But I think that there is a lot of fluff on this site. An observation: it seems as though many commentators, both here and on Counterpunch (esp.) depend on churning out weekly pieces, many of which are light on both analysis and useful data, e.g. Binoy Kampmark, Jesse Jackson, Michael Winship, Jim Hightower, Jeffrey Isaacs (!), Randall Amster (!!), sometimes Norman Solomon, Thom Hartmann, Frances Lappe, Mike Lofgren, Peter Dreier, etc.

Don’t these folks have an alternative source of income??

Thank you for this update. Somehow I’m not surprised considering his behavior and reluctance to take precautions and limit exposure.

This is highly suspicious. It may be a ploy to get him out of the next debate which is scheduled in two weeks and or keep him from spewing more support for the Proud Boys etc. or a way to bow out of the election .
Remember almost everything that comes out of the White House is a lie .


Oh I agree, it is definitely in the realm of possibility that he has a plan to exploit this but he did not look well in the debate. I’m sure it is more than stressful for him to face up to some of the issues before him so we will see what happens. He has significant risk factors if this is true.

It’s also totally plausible that he has it. Why not? He’s taken almost no precautions.

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of course . I hope he DOES have it .

Scary thought, what if authority is passed on to Pence?

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Yeah, I just heard that. I’ll bet there are a lot of prayers going up tonight, but I’ll bet tRump wouldn’t like them!


All over the world hatred and fear of immigrants is escalating: