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Rights Icons Join Women's March as Organizers Aim to Build "Movement for Dignity"


Rights Icons Join Women's March as Organizers Aim to Build "Movement for Dignity"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Women's March on Washington, a mass mobilization to champion women's rights, is growing as President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration approaches.


Excellent summation of the truth about Steinem.


And where is HRC, who has always fought for women and children all her life? lol


another women's march- what exactly did the last women's march on DC last decade get us?????????save your money and start organizing locally! that's what matters in your daily life. build from the ground up.


Sad to see that the MSM can still show Gloria Steinem as leader of feminist movement.
Pitiful, in fact.


Did you notice that in those lists above that income and health care came last, after "and"?


Talk is cheap. Some of us are limited to it by circumstance, but feel no need to disparage those who spend their time and bus fare and energies to make an actual witness for dignity. Whatever Steinem has or hasn't done in the distant or recent past, I appreciate her adding her presence to this event. @kikiki5, for one, tell us what you're doing locally instead of going to DC.


Great! One thing missing is the grandmomma of all the issues, climate justice and the right to a livable planet and rights of nature. More emphasis on economic justice needs to be there too. Let's make it truly intersectional.


Sorta like how they portray Kissinger as a statesman, and seek his counsel. Ugh.


There are local events planned to coincide with the D.C. event. But some people are just way too progressive to get off their butts.


The Post-Irony Era seems to have engulfed even proffered "progressives."

Here we have a "movement for dignity" co-chaired by Ms. Steinem, who insulted younger women by saying they were attracted to the Sanders movement pretty much only because they wanted dates.

“They’re going to get more activist as they get older,” Steinem said, implying that a vote for Sanders is not an activist vote. “And when you’re young, you’re thinking ‘Where are the boys?’ The boys are with Bernie.”

But the million flocking wymmen excuse this perfidy the way they excused Hillary's because, well, woman.

Any "revolution" is doomed as long as blinkered fealty to identity is the overriding concern of specific self-identified groups. We have to get over this.


Frankly, having Harry Belafonte is enough for me to wish I could be there but will be out in the streets where I live. I agree with KIKIKI in that organizing is what we need more than anything--a real Left Party.

Some information on Gloria Steinem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloria_Steinem




I would rather think you find another way to reach Drew or the generalized 'others' you are suggesting. We need to come together. On that note: Wishing everyone, everyone, a New Year filled with the hope that comes when we realize that we all share Life and, therefore, are really in essence one and start to act against injustice wherever it manifests without wasting and misdirecting righteous anger on those we perceive as the perpetrators but stay focused on righting the wrongs. Rv. Barber is a good example, Harry Belafonte--a very beautiful cat-- is another.


I just wonder if they'd be marching in protest of endless wars which are quite bad for women and children everywhere and poor ones here in America whose kids are the ones sacrificed, if war-mongering Clinton had gotten elected. I doubt it.
Or would they be protesting sleezy Bill and his Lolita flights? I doubt it.
I'm not interested in a general protest-Trump march.


Thanks Easy and a truly New and beautiful New Year! I'll be in Montpelier VT on a sister march and on the Jan 20 I'll be out right where I live. Working on ways to see how I can interest the Vermont Socialists and other Left parties to come together. I think I'll make my Montpelier sign about Mother Earth. Thinking about a succinct statement...


been a progressive really radical activist since I was in junior h.s. now approaching 83. just helped in campaigns in my local city in California to elect a progressive mayor and city council, write letters and make phone calls to my representatives on every level of government, worked my ass off to help get Bernie the nomination, giving money when I can to nonprofits, even get some of my letters published locally and in the NYTimes. that enuf for you?


Lolita flights. Thanks for identifying yourself. Back to Alex Jones?


Women! What do they know!


I dunno, i don't generally think of myself as a cynical person, but…

It's hard to imagine someone who might have voted for Trump out of frustration, desperation, or exasperation reading these "Guiding Principles" and being inclined to think they should reconsider their decision.

"We practice empathy with the intent to learn about the intersecting identities of each other."

"The Beloved Community is the framework for the future."

"The nonviolent concept is an overall effort to achieve a reconciled world by raising the level of relationships among people to a height where justice prevails and persons attain their full human potential."

Maybe the organizers could provide a decoder ring for the uninitiated.

People want a living wage. They want programs like Social Security and Medicare protected. They want universal healthcare. They want a clean environment. They want a good future for their kids. They want honest leaders that speak clearly to their interests.

It's hard to imagine that this kind of abstruse, preaching-to-the-choir rhetoric speaks to the large segments of people that need to be brought into a mass movement that will be needed to challenge Trumpism.