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Rights of Children at Risk at 'An Unprecedented Speed and Scale' as School Closures Drive Turn to Online Learning

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/16/rights-children-risk-unprecedented-speed-and-scale-school-closures-drive-turn-online

Privacy rights?

NSA is spying on all of us 24/7 –

How are we protecting children’s right to privacy when we haven’t been
able to protect or preserve our own Constitutional right to privacy?

This alleged “unplanned” virus is doing a lot for those who want control over
citizens –


I nominate “plannedemic” for best new word of the year—OED take note.


Right about privacy but i have posted this link several times now. With seven billion people on the planet what do we expect:


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Answer: Global Warming, disruption of nature – and new diseases –

Question: Who’s planning the response to Global Warming – and what are they doing?

Pitiful attempts to mitigate the devastation of the greed of affluent countries who couldn’t give a monkey’s uncle about the rest of the world.


How many of those calling for online education are doing anything to provide computers and internet access to children in families that don’t already have them? One of my nieces is asking for donations to provide such computers (with only two required this year), and many teachers will need many more.