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Rightwing Protesters in San Francisco Will Be Greeted With Piles of Dog Poop


Rightwing Protesters in San Francisco Will Be Greeted With Piles of Dog Poop

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

When a rightwing rally kicks off at Crissy Field in San Francisco on Saturday afternoon, far-right protesters with the group Patriot Prayer will likely be greeted with piles of dog poop.


What is wrong with people? This is both disgusting and hazardous for everyone. Like infantile children unaware of germs or parasites, these fools present the alt-right with an excuse for escalation. While this group may be well mannered - escalation can exceed such boundaries easily…

This small group of dog owners will be the catalyst for greater escalation and perhaps violence by doing something so reprehensible. It is about germs, worms and parasites you idiots. Don’t tell yourselves that this is non violent when later these fascistic bullies cite what you are doing as an excuse or rationale for their doing much worse.


This is an embarrassment for anyone claiming to be progressive. How are they going to “clean up” the mess after it gets tracked around and ground into the soil? What happens if it rains and the shit gets washed into water conduits or the ocean?

This isn’t civil disobedience, it’s puerile idiocy. And why is CD seeming to promote this?


At least is wasn’t Elephant poop commemorating the Republican mascot. Well, if you were born and raised in California and lived all your life here like me you would have to take issue first with the Alt Right choosing San Francisco for a rally. That gesture is undoubtedly to pick a fight with the San Francisco liberals. Why not choose Bakersfield or some other Eastern California rural or semi rural location where the Alt Right draw their supporters. So my number one issue starts with the Alt Right first and foremost being all about provocation. Just like Charlottesville. The main focus of the Alt Right is to provoke.