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Rightwing Terrorism on Display as Militants in Oregon Call for Reinforcements


Rightwing Terrorism on Display as Militants in Oregon Call for Reinforcements

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Vowing to resist the "tyranny" of the federal government and defend themselves against law enforcement, armed militants on Monday continued their occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon.

As the group issued calls to ranchers and other supporters on social media for reinforcement, the standoff for many has underscored the unique treatment afforded to white, conservative terrorists.


Truth be told. If they had been Muslim, brown-skinned, wearing turbans instead of cowboy hats... drone strike!


If you are white; wear a cowboy hat, are an evangelical christian, you will never be called a terrorist.


I mean really...this is bullshit. White "terrorists" were not afforded any leeway at Ruby Ridge or David Koresh's compound. The were attacked by the feds like everyone else. Same thing is going to happen here if the "occupiers" are there long enough.

Trying to make this a racial thing is just sad...and dishonest.


What is sad and dishonest is your analysis.


In what way? cluck.


... and Obama has refused to call them Christian Extremists. Hey, by the way, where is the guy... oh yeah... on vacation. Nothing happening here, move along...


I have no interest in wasting my time on anyone so completely blind to the issues of justice at hand.

Go join them.


Edit.....be sure not to forget your lead ejaculating phallus


I understand that the father-son duo that are supposed to go to jail are willing to do so. So what business do the Bundy boys, those OUTSIDE AGITATORS from Nevada have there?


Haha...I'd have to go without an ejaculating phallus...I doubt I could talk you into coming with me...


You are correct. They don't want their support. They have already served time in jail and been released...seems like double jepardy to me to be sent back again.


I have a terrible allergy regarding being in the same space as right wing armed thugs, but thanks anyway.


Yeah, these images remind me of Sinclair Lewis; when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and be carrying the cross!


That spiral African horn is AKA a shofar, famously used by Joshua and his
military marching band.


Arriving in caravans of Monster Phallus trucks.


Whites at Waco were assaulted, shot and burned to death by the FBI under the murderer/dupe new AG Janet Reno without any real cause for such an assault - they could have arrested koresh most anytime in town. At Ruby Ridge the FBI sniper swine, Lon Horiuchi, shot and killed Vickie Weaver from a distance as she held her baby in her arms - a cowardly unnecessary murder. Both groups were white and were treated with zero regard for their lives.

There has been so much violence and murders/killings by police recently against people of color shot dead whether unarmed or not that the dynamic has shifted perhaps. This "standoff" and treatment of whites is reminiscent of the recent biker gang shootout when white bikers were not even handcuffed and sat around joking afterward. It is now open season on people of color increasingly and this FBI velvet-glove treatment of whites really pisses many people off who see the difference. It may be the weather but a dangerous precedent, and when contrasted with numerous cop murders of unarmed people.
http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-32781477 bikers not cuffed




Apparently, their time served did not equal their current sentence.


Kinda makes you wonder why the author wouldn't have known that the shofar is a powerful religious symbol. And, why has this site has not been sealed off, no outside agitators allowed, no electricity, no natural gas, no food, no shofars, etc... Are they being set up for a confrontation of biblical proportions? Why?


I was wondering on the history of this land as it related to treaties signed with first nations tribes.

Under the Constitution such treaties laws are "the highest laws of the land" yet these defenders of the Constitution do not advocate that those treaties be honored. They claim only they have a Constitutional right to it.


Yes, Only because they "adjusted" the charges.