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"Ringing Endorsement" for The Intercept as Sebastian Gorka Calls News Outlet "Bad for Democracy" and "A Joke"


"Ringing Endorsement" for The Intercept as Sebastian Gorka Calls News Outlet "Bad for Democracy" and "A Joke"

Jon Queally, staff writer

Former White House advisor apparently has a strange concept of what poses a threat to the republic


Not sure why Gorka is not on some kind of Watch list - he is an agent for a foreign power, he is allied with known Nazi’s and outspoken in his endorsement of such “alt-right” un-American Hate groups. This may be the “land of the free,” but there needs to be limits. We spent millions of lives and billions of $ fighting Nazi’s as enemies of the U.S. 80 years ago, and yet today they are allowed to walk around carrying torches and wear guns in our streets, and be in positions of power in our government?? WTF??


Nazi-allied group, that says it all…saw this reported on Media Matters and even saved the piece as a pdf, where ever the rock is that he slid out from under is, he needs to be deported back to it.


Intercept should put Gorka’s statement on their masthead permanently. It really is a helluva endorsement.

“All the News That’s Fit to Make Gorka Mad”


Gorka calls The Intercept " bad for democracy?" Yeah, no doubt about it that the Intercept is bad, but not for democracy, which when people like Gorka say democracy what they really mean is: FASCISM!


Cool! If it bothers Mr. Gorka then I am IN!


Gorka’s “news outlet” better known as his pie-hole, needs to be shut down.


The spectrum from O’Reilly to 4 Chan, Breitbart and InfoWars isn’t that large, in point of fact. How far right do you get to wander before you’re into overt Fascism, Nazism and the subsets of White Supremacy and Federal Gov’t embraced national policy. And then, actual laws on the books, allowing enforcement by the Police & Security State.
Putting this real " fake news commentator " and his abhorrent political opinions and ideas on the airwaves, without a counter-balanced rebuttal is very bad judgment by the MSM. It may be good for ratings and advertising revenue but it is flirting with treasonous and criminal behavior, too.
This normalization of mentally ill groups with morally bankrupt political beliefs gave us Trumplandia in 2016. The MSM has never been held to account for their role in creating the space to let these bad genies out of the bottle and into our mainstream of legal, political and cultural beliefs.
The Alt-Left ( hard or moderate ) is not granted these same privileges by the MSM. Their leaders and spokespersons are disparaged and harangued by the MSM gatekeepers when they are occasionally acknowledged and allowed to speak to national audiences, as well.
However, the apparent need to constantly feed the Neo-Fascists and Neo-Nazis of Alt-Right America with puke-inducing bile, by the likes of the Gorkas and Alex Jones of the world, is AOK with the Corporate leaders of America like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, etc.


But insanity sells better than sanity (in a news sense). How many people stare at parked cars but then are transfixed by car wrecks?