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Ringing in New Year, Sanders Urges Iowans to Make 'Political Revolution' Happen


Ringing in New Year, Sanders Urges Iowans to Make 'Political Revolution' Happen

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Ringing in the new year in Des Moines, Iowa, Bernie Sanders told crowds that the state has the power to "lead the political revolution" as his campaign cheered rally turnouts that "seem to be getting larger every day."

The Des Moines Register reports:

Sanders spoke twice on Thursday, as the [Renaissance Des Moines Savery] hotel's ballroom was jam-packed. So after dashing through the skywalk and the hotel's kitchen, he addressed hundreds more supporters in a nearby room.


Sanders would win in a landslide against Trump. I agree, but HRC and the corrupt DNC would rather lose to Trump than back Bernie!


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"Our lives depend on it." And believe me, if Trump is elected that is no perfunctory statement! Trump has already said, through his election staff, that what good our nukes if we do not use them!


He has the right words, but I don't think he has enough free $peech and the MSM is not going to give him any.


Perhaps the corporate media will try to deny him any coverage, but they can't refuse to print the words on page one ..Sanders beats Clinton in Iowa primary and a week later Sanders beats Clinton in NH. They can't refuse to utter the words as their main lead story on nightly news either. That will spark interest in his campaign and their is NOTHING they can do to prevent it.


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Dems think they did the country a favor with Obamacare, but it's screwy and health care is neither affordable nor accessible. Here I go again for the 25th straight year!
My employer health insurance cost increases by $204 per month, beginning January 1. For catastrophic coverage. The greed and corruption of Obamacare are unconscionable.

Bernie sees this. His crowds in Iowa are getting larger and more enthusiastic. He's made 3 trips to Dubuque in 14 months, and he convinced me to register as Democrat in order to caucus for him, then added, "Be sure to be there!" He is our last best hope.

Godspeed, Senator Bernie Sanders.


Thanks for the update from Dubuque, go Bernie.


Although Obama's ACA prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, insurers are now denying coverage by saying operations were not necessary.

Insurance is a financial product, not a health care product, confirmed on September 9, 2009 when Obama told network TV that "healthcare reform must preserve insurance company profits".


True, the Amerikan Empire is nothing but a fascist, corportocracy, backed by a military dictatorship that protects Amerikan world wide economic, political, vested and potential interests. Both parties serve the Amerikan Empire and the only difference... there is no difference!

I have supported Dr. Jill Stein in the past but would support Bernie if he chose her for V.P. Probably wishful thinking.


Stop the negative ranting and get the Burn. Bernie Sanders is the real deal and has been for many years. Bernie is not another Obama Inc. Bernie is going to make the changes. He voted against the Iraq War. He voted against repealing the Glass-Steagall Act. He wants to raise the minimum wage to $15. He is the real deal. If you can't be positive then just STFU.
You always seem to show up on articles about Bernie with your embarrassing negativity. Grow up.


Why don't you join the Bernie Sanders revolution in the real world. You know....reality that we all have to live in. The real world. And my country is spelled America. Are you ready to change our country? What have you got to lose by being Bernie positive? Nothing. If it turns out bad then drink a glass of wine...smoke a joint and move on. It's all good. Bernie will not disappoint...that is why the main stream media avoids talking about Bernie and his policies. Get the burn!!!!!!! Stay positive!!!!!! Move forward in little steps!!!!!!! Bernie is our only realistic option.

Bernie Sanders 2016.


"What have you got to lose by being Bernie positive?" - This is a great question to ask ! I can understand why Republicans and some Independents would never support him, but I cannot understand why some so-called progressive Democrats, even some political writers who I'd previously respected, keep finding fault with the one chance we have of breaking the chain of establishment politics on the Dem. side. Sure, Bernie doesn't tick every box on everyone's list - nobody ever would.
We have a lot to lose by not supporting Bernie in the primaries, and those displaying Bernie-negative tactics (yes, they are tactics!) ought to be ignored or put right. Thank you, riverman.


Supposed Greens and real Socialists keep making demands on Bernie. Well, ( here comes the big " if " ) if Bernie gets my 2nd cousin a job at the Cum & Go on Interstate 35, exit 49, I might consider holding my nose and vote for the lesser of 2 evils, nothin' gonna' change, AIPAC loving, corporate stooge, union bustin', runnin' lackey Yankee dog who's really shillin' for Hillary and the DLC, war mongerin'... Hey, Bernie's average contribution is around $30 bucks. And, he's got a contributor base of 2.5 million, and growing, supporters. And, Jill Stein and other " fringer parties " didn't get that many votes, in toto, in the 2012 election cycle. You've been at this for 7-8 months now and the slip, of your Solopsism Syndrone dress, is down around your ankles. And, all because you won't kick in, for Bernie, the price of a bad meal at The Olive Garden. Either your slip is where its at because your a professional or you're just cheap. Really, really cheap.


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Always insightful remarks, raydelcamino; thanks!


Obama was and is a corporate shill. Corporate media gave him lots of coverage. Things are dicferent with Bernie on both counts