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Ringling Bros. Circus 'Finally Bows to Public Opinion,' to End Run in May


Ringling Bros. Circus 'Finally Bows to Public Opinion,' to End Run in May

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced Saturday night that it would hold its final performance in May, a victory for animal rights activists who have battled the show for decades.


This is a positive step for protecting animals and shows that people are understand that making animals perform for us is something we should no longer applaud.

I feel certain that before the ring the curtain down for the last time, that it might be appropriate for them to, perhaps, be invited to perform at the Trump inauguration. Being as it were, from one circus act to another, so to speak.


I was never much of a circus fan, but I found the Ringling Brothers museum in Sarasota Florida very interesting. What was most impressive was just how organized the pre-promotion, transportation, setup, feeding of employees, and tear down that was done every day as they moved from town to town. The actual performance seemed to be a minor part of what had to be organized. And of course everything was done by manual paperwork when the last train circus closed abruptly in mid-season in the mid 1950's.


Must be the invisible hand of Adam Smith -- guess they couldn't compete with Drumpf and the other Republican clowns.


who needs Ringling when you have the insane clown posse in Washingtonn the biggest circus in the world , with scary clowns, not lions but pepole jumping through hoops, house of mirrors, (deception),snake oil salesman galor, and fortune tellers that will take your money and then leave town ,master of cermony with a huge megafone, (the press), pickpockets extrordinaire, the brave high flying acts of daring by the hero of any circus those flying from platform to platform, no strongman at this show , only jugglers and more clowns, so many clowns, and like other circus they have rides they will take you on that move on shakey rails and turn you upside down to empty your pockets of whatever they can, plenty elephants and donkeys to be sure , and so many hucksters plying products(lobbyists), shooting gallerys , house of horrors, (you pick one here),and advertisements everywhere for the next big show, so hurry hurry ,hurry. and like most circus when they leave town with as much of your money that the side shows can steal, they leave a giant pile of dung behind, and a smell in the air that lingers long after the big show has left town. Time for this "show" to end allso.


I am happy to see this finally come to fruition. A sign perhaps as stated above that we as a species are finally beginning to acknowledge that we have no right to enslave, abuse and denigrate other species on the planet.

A long time coming and there is still so very much work to do.


Well said (as always) lindaann!!! I think you are from Wisconsin if my memory serves me? Did you see this (bit OT but all these things are related imo)

Back to the point of this article----
Since I gained consciousness, I've always despised zoos, circuses, "theme"parks etc.

And yes, there is VERY much work to do.

Wish Common Dreams would cover this-----which indicates we are in global emergency:

Over on the ASIF, Wipneus reports that Global sea ice extent is now record low as well.
That's the lowest value on record since satellites have started monitoring sea ice.
And it's not over yet. It could go quite a bit lower.
Posted by: Neven


It is somewhat ironic that this should happen now - as many do compare Trump to P.T. Barnum - the "sucker born every minute" original. Barnum had a mid-life change of heart about politics, came an abolitionist and was (for that era) a pretty decent mayor of Bridgeport Connecticut after the Civil War. I doubt we will be as lucky with the Donald.


"Animal rights groups cheered Saturday's announcement, attributing it to shifting public opinion after a long awareness campaign showing traveling circuses cannot meet the needs of wild animals. "

Sorry wrong. There is no shifting position on wild animals as 200 species go extinct everyday and all large mammals are in danger of extinction. We cut off their horns, tusks, fins sometimes while they are still alive. This for thinking that it might improve sex, or health or give long life. Its about me, me, me first. The animals we live with and need to survive not so much.


Agreed about the world-wide negligence and abuse - but I think the article was talking about the shifting public opinion here amongst those that might attend a Circus show (5-10 year old American kids and their parents). I do think that group thinks more about animal rights nowadays. The dwindling crowds at Sea World being another element of that.


The Public Opinion, that Ringing bowed to, was the Opinion that the Public made, as to Where to spend their Time and Money, and it was no longer going to be at Ringling's Circus.

Decision to Cease and Desist made FOR them.


Greetings Caroline, and thank you for the kind words. Yes, I grew up in WI. I made it through the video on WI Trump voters up to the hunters in their blind and had to bow out. I grew up eating meat, the standard American fare and as you mentioned, awareness regarding animal treatment changed my way of eating drastically along with an early health crisis.

As to the Trump voters in WI, I get it. I get it here too in MO. I'd have to hearken back to Clinton in contemporary times and his take down of the working class and middle class in this country. And his disregard of the poor. And then or course Obama, more of the same. I think the Trump voters will eventually be just as disillusioned by his policies as many of us were by Obama's. I see on Obama's way out, he amped up surveillance. What a guy!

Lastly, the warming is a major deal! It's anyone's guess how this is going to go hence forward. If we had sane leadership, solar energy and the like would be everyone's topic of coversation and thee priority.

Happy new year my dear and carry on toward a better future.


Being one of the parents who took the offspring to Bush Gardens in Florida it became really clear that trips like that "for the kids" are really about the parents thinking they are good parents. It is the same with zoos and nature shows on TV that give the impression that the world is wild and free and animals can roam and enjoy their life on this planet too. The reality is that all animals are property and it is pretty hard keeping humans off that list. Sad but captured animals acting on stage, boxed into cages or on display in "life like" settings do not offer knowledge or respect for those animals.

I will accept change in humans treatment of other animals when we give all of nature legal rights to exist.


Thank you. I know some may be saddened by the end of an era, but people are no longer interested in performing animals. Cheers to the circus in Canada for using people over the course of many years.


Thank you on behalf of animals all over the world.


What gives humans the right to think we are better? We are a terrible species.


Is teaching our pets tricks going to be attacked next - then after that, having pets at all?


Very positive step which I trust might shortly open the minds of Americans as to breaking the
very violent chain of violence in animal eating.

It's also a large part of the violence of our system of capitalism and withdrawing from this violent
practice would send an important message.

Then perhaps we could begin to work on thinks like wars and the super, super criminals who are
leading our nation and who continue to seek more violence and destruction through wars.


Huh, seems like they were shutting down more for lack of profits than activism.


If people treat their "pets" the way that Ringling has treated animals for over a century, they should have their animals taken away...