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Riot or Resistance? How Media Frames Unrest in Minneapolis Will Shape Public’s View of Protest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/31/riot-or-resistance-how-media-frames-unrest-minneapolis-will-shape-publics-view

Sorry Hate Nation, but you own this. EVIL is the mirror of LIVE.

The media continues to fail to identify Trump’s allies a the real perpetrators of violence and destruction. Meanwhile the Trump cult serially blames “antifa and other alleged leftists” and the media spreads that lie.

Seeing how even our local GOP operatives are accusing anybody they don’t like of associating with
Antifa, I guess Antifa is their boogeyman of the month.

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I think a study such as this would be well advised to see how these media organizations report on protests in other Countries as well. I suggest that protestors in Hong Kong, Iran , Russia and Bolivia are always given more legitimacy then those in the United States of America.

What this suggests is that framing is more about conditioning the public into accepting only ONE version of events and given this done in concert between all media organizations in the mainstream , it suggests they know what they are trying to do.


Let’s just hope, for Antifa and other so-called ( labeled and codified ) leftist and left- leaning groups, it is only for a a month. My best guess is that for the rest of the election season, these groups are going to be subject to the DOJ and other government agencies for singling out, and being severely punished as a result. " Trumped up charges " and lengthy jail sentences, et al. The old stuff of the 1950s?
I also think the thought leaders of the progressive wings of the left and center-left won’t offer these groups support. Fading the heat off their own affinity groups to preserve linkages to centers of perceived traditional power, like unions and established environmental and religious organizations.
The Obama Adm. and the Dimocrats crushed ACORN, for example. The Clintonistas famously went after the Edelmans, on welfare and child programs for historically disadvantaged kids of color. I hope these power cenIers prove me wrong.
However, the traditional media, as this article’s data and findings show, have little empathy for the First Nations, LatinX and other minority groups, pleading and struggling for a more just American society. Tough economic times don’t help these situations, either.
It is a tough break for the protesters, though.

What bothers me is the entire narrative is set on somehow distinguishing the peaceful protesters from the looters arguing the former are legitimate and the latter illegitimate. But I disagree, I think both are legitimate and both speak to a deeper anger and contempt and sense of helplessness and despair with the status quo and how nothing is changing and no amount of resistance and activism seems acceptable enough, not even kneeling. These people are only taking what’s theirs from a bunch of multinationals that have enriched themselves on their hard work while giving nothing in return.

Look, a lot of these people have, literally, nothing to lose. Lost their jobs and with it healthcare, maybe their homes. Working class people who have been side lined and forgotten by their government during a horrific pandemic - a government that quickly coalesced in a very bipartisan fashion to unanimously give banks and corporations practically unrestricted access to the treasury to loot as they please while the actual working class people who keep this economy going got a one time check and some extra months unemployment benefits. Oh and some COBRA subsidies that are more health insurance handouts. In other words, things that should be part of a basic social safety net had to be negotiated and bundled with the wholesale looting of our country and its people by the oligarchs who have seen their net worths increase by tens of billions of dollars in this time.

The stealing is part of the larger anger. As Ellison said “The kindling that made the house burn down was joblessness, unemployment, poor housing, concentrated poverty, people without opportunity who were just done with that and needed… to say, ‘This must change.’”

So no i dont see those people as evil or thieves for taking some merchandise from stores. They are merely taking back possession of a fraction of what is theirs and which the corporate overlords who own our politicians systemically stole from them. To see the media try to frame it otherwise only helps undermine and delegitimize these people, which i guess is the goal.

Seeing the police brutalizing people indiscriminately, shoving, pushing, beating, gassing and shooting. This is what state violence looks like. Most of these protests were peaceful in the beginning until the police showed up in riot gear and started inciting. This was THEM rioting and subjugating all of . They have arrested thousands of people just so they dont have to go and arrest one of their own who is a murderer no less. And where are our political leaders who started the fire? They are being conveniently absent as this country is burning from sea to shining sea.

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What are we really witnessing----The rich and powerful against the poor----and the rich and powerful have been very busy stuffing their pockets and feeding us crumbs----the police are there to protect the rich and powerful—along with a corporate media that uses manufacturing consent mind control–We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE!


We all have a right to share in the wealth of the nation in which we live----and no one should live in fear of the police.

Why do these people feel disconnected from their community----we are taught to be slaves-------we need to understand that we are the owners.