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Lori Wallach

The news that the White House and Republican congressional leaders have given up on passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is welcome. That the TPP would be defeated by Congress if brought to a vote signals that Trojan-horse “trade” agreements that expand corporate power and shrink Americans’ wages are simply no longer politically viable. People power beat the united forces of a U.S. president, the Republican congressional leaders and the entire corporate lobby.


I would not be so confident of that.

Two points:
(1) If Hillary Clinton had been elected, the TPP would be alive and well since the Clinton Delegates were so pro-TPP it was still part of the Democratic Party Platform. Although the pro-NAFTA Clinton had mildly come out against the TPP, that was mostly for show and she would have reversed position once she was in power.
(2) The TPP is not dead. It is just resting. The Corporations behind it will make sure it arises from the ashes like a Phoenix once defacto President Pence takes the reins.

I am no fan of Donald Trump, but his election has set back Obama and the TPP.


It'll be back under new Branding, those that want this never rest.


Dead for now but the new administration may want to show off its' terrific and awesome negotiating skills and present us with TPP2.0 claiming it is great for America but containing little substantive change. I think Public Citizen/Lori Wallach has a model trade agreement that perhaps we should start studying so, if TPP2.0 were presented, we would have a head start on being able to evaluate and respond to it.


Oh but this lovely "trade agreement" is waiting in the wings:



I am so happy and frankly surprised it was killed. Thank you to Lori Wallach and everyone that fought so hard to kill it. It was a dreadful piece of work.
This gives me hope that if that is possible other issues, like racism, changing Medicare, Social Security could be stopped with this kind of mass social movement against them. We have the power, we just need to use it.
No doubt it will be needed in the next four years.
Talk to people, get them ready to fight in any way they can so when the time comes we can all work together. People power.


Don't worry. It is about to replaced by globalised Nazism.


Just because DC operatives are telling us "TPP is dead" doesn't mean it really IS dead. Recall when fast track authority for TPP and other "trade deals" was allegedly dead last year until it wasn't, and more recently CETA was allegedly dead in Europe this year, until it wasn't.

History is a much better indicator of what is likely to occur than any talk we hear from DC. I wouldn't bet a nickle against the DC operatives sneaking TPP through during the current lame duck session. Protesting and contacting electeds to encourage them to vote against TPP needs to continue.

Our Revolution, Wallach and other signing the TPP death warrant prematurely risk losing credibility, something the DC politicians would love to enable,.


I wouldn't be surprised if Trump's administration tried to revive the TPP under a different brand. They are not above the temptations proposed by corporations, they just want to have full credit for it.


No "Rest in Peace TPP" from me - more like "Rot in Hell TPP".


Just to be clear - TPP is not dead



TPP was really killed by Bernie Sanders bringing it a national stage. Clinton saw she might lose, and although she birthed TPP by getting 11 countries to sign it as Secretary of State, she pretended to oppose it verbally in her pathetic attempt to pretend that key Sanders positions were really hers.

Trump opposed TPP right out of the gate. He won, partly because a lot of us knew Clinton was lying (just like she always does) and that she would tweak it a little and pass it since Goldman Sachs would demand their millions in bribes back.

Let's not distort the fact that the Corporate DNC and Clinton were pro-TPP before they were against it. They wouldn't let Senator Sanders even put it in the Democratic Platform.

So I'm glad Trump won. He saved our democracy. Now TPP is a dead duck. And we aren't going to war with the Russians like crAZy Clinton wanted us to. I'll never vote for some hysterical person who screams "Putin is Hitler". Or who drools "it's time to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!"

Clinton is a bigger right-wing nutjob than Trump is.


Even IF Trump was/is sincerely against TPP (big IF) you can safely bet your last nickle that none of the pirates he has appointed or shortlisted to date are against TPP and he appears to be handing the keys to the kingdom over to them while he concentrates on "making America great again", whatever that means.

Don't be surprised if Ryan, McConnell and other GOP operatives push TPP through during the current lame duck session.



They don't have the votes to pass it in the house anymore. And they won't dare try it without the Trump green light, or else he'll trip it up into pieces when he takes over.

There's a new coach coming in since the old ones were fired. He didn't get rich on war or trade monopoly. He got rich on real estate and gambling houses.

At least that's my hope....

by the way, Thanks Lori, I didn't realize you were from Public Citizen.


Do the new Senate seats take power during the lame duck session?


GOP to push through Democratic Trade "Deal" before GOP President Elect gets into office and kills it? Interesting times indeed.


Don't believe the hype. They've got something else waiting in the wind. These people don't give a rat's ass what you want or what you think. They want corporate dominance over your lives, and they will get it, in one form or another.


They gave up because Trump gave it bad publicity and they knew Trump would veto the bill.


Just when I thought it was "safe to go back in the water" Thanks for the link. So as Lori says (paraphrasing) we need to educate ourselves and others and start letting our repesentives know how we feel. NO TiSA !


Your analysis of TPP's demise (and probably TTIP and TISA as well) is curious. For one thing, you rightfully accuse Obama but criticize only Republican congressional leaders, exempting Democratic backers of TPP like Chuck Shumer, soon to be the Dems' leader in the Senate. You also avoid giving any credit whatsoever to Donald Trump.
I see something different. Two political parties dominated by neoliberal neocons have been intent on furthering the agenda of oligarchy and empire, and almost entirely resistant to opposition from the people or from organizations such as yours -- as laudable as your work has been. Obama held off on getting the TPP ratified because he knew it is widely opposed by voters. So in a callous political move, he decided to wait until after we voted. Surprise surprise. Donald Trump won the election. His opposition to "free trade" deals like TPP has been relentless. It helped him win the election. Trump won't submit the TPP for ratification. Period.
You don't want to give Trump credit. You should. Despite all your efforts, if Clinton had won the election, she WOULD submit TPP for ratification. And it would pass. Period.