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Ripping GOP for Serving Donors, Sanders and Warren Lay Out Budget Plan That Works for All


Ripping GOP for Serving Donors, Sanders and Warren Lay Out Budget Plan That Works for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Congress must not break for recess unless it addresses some of the major crises facing this country."


I support this 1000%. It is the smart and rational thing to do, plus it is pushback against the robbery that is going on and reported here and elsewhere. If you can, don’t be negative and say it won’t happen, call on the Senate and the House to change direction before it’s too late and this place explodes. Thanks.


Please please please Sanders and/or Warren, run in 2020 though the DNC would probably muck it up again.


A budget is never just a domestic plan. The overhaul “updating” of the military is the hegemonic colonization on steroids. Indigenous peoples and those who have had the audacity not to sell their souls to become rich, all over the world, are increasingly looking straight through the coddled “white” and other “nationalists” who put on the show demanding that ‘strong men’ (read corporate lackey dictators) be put in power.
This is what is being “globalized”.

The ‘mega’ model of multi-billion $ corporations in energy ARE LAND GRABBERS AND GENOCIDAL MACHINES to which notions of humanity are regarded solely for their percentage value of extraction and burial.

This is not hyperbole.


They may be let in the horse race in 2020 like Sanders was in 2016, in the dog and pony show for POTUS, to make the politically, sophomoric believe they live in a democracy, but neither, in my view, will have any chance in 2020.


So because they can’t achieve everything that needs fixing, they are Neocon Republican-lite corporatists.

So how is the program going for you on that long list of to do’s, getting a lot of forward progress are we?

Every time a person stands up for the good, someone comes along to shoot them out of the saddle because they aren’t Saintly enough. How Boorish.

The Progressive Budget has been on the forefront every year, to no avail, and that really isn’t the fault of Progressives being Neocon Republican-lite corporatists.

It is because of corruption.

So can we just stick to issues, and try like hell to get something on the books?

It periodically happens you know.


Why is it we only hear from Warren and Sanders…the rest of the Democratic Congress seems to be mute. They should be SCREAMING day and night!


We need someone who is young with a lot of charisma–and a good message. I vote for Joe Kennedy III.


If not then expect 8 years of Trump or Pence if Trump gets impeached.


Bernie and Liz are my two favorite progressive Democrats. I am hoping for Liz to run for president. I would vote for her. Bernie is now 76, and I don’t think he could endure being president. Otherwise he is a great commentator.


Wow everyone sucks

What an uplifting game plan

Yeah that will peak performance

Bernie’s and Warren’s budget speaks clear solutions


Warren and Sanders - the Dream Team. It is time for the two to visibly join forces and work out a strategy for (1) cutting the DNC ‘leadership’ down to size, so that democracy flourish in the party named for it, and (2) rallying rank and file progressive Democrats to run for office in 2018, any office.

If they boldly outline a plan for us, wild horses could not stop us millions from following it. Forget this ‘unity’ crap. The DNC losers desperately need us progressives (Perez: Black American is our backbone, blah, blah.); we only need them to stop stabbing us in the back.


Will you stop obsessing about age already, just look at the energy Bernie exudes in organizing progressives at many levels. Not just a mouth piece, he. But the Dream Team will work out a solution; our duty is to support it.


Joe Kennedy has a message?


“…our oppressors”…? Really, Jayne, our oppressors?? What the heck happened to saboteur 101, ‘don’t make it too obvious’. That’s pre-Jimmie Carter stuff you’re trying to pass off. Haven’t you been given any updates all these years? Don’t you realize that the primary and election periods are still quite fresh in people’s minds, when the kind of theme you’re pitching was all over the place?

“Warren and Sanders make fake liberal noises to distract…” Gee whiz, Jayne, didn’t anyone tell Warren and Sanders that they’ll lose their wealthy funding sources by saying such things? Don’t you think so, Jayne?

The fake stuff is expected, but those ‘opinions’ of yours are Youtube level efforts. Is it that slow in the climate denying community? So sad. ‘Jayne’.


I like a Warren/Sanders ticket. He is really getting pretty old for the top spot. They seem to work well together and a lot of people would like this team



Right! We know this! Now what; what do we do about it? What have YOU done in your private consumer life in terms of your “percentage value” to ameliorate the land grabbers and genocidal machines problem? How many gallons of gas/oil and pounds of plastic do you consume on a monthly basis?