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Ripping Into Trump for Treating Children Worse Than Seized Property, Judge Orders Reunification of Separated Families


Ripping Into Trump for Treating Children Worse Than Seized Property, Judge Orders Reunification of Separated Families

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A federal judge in San Diego, California ruled late Tuesday that the more than 2,000 migrant children separated from their parents under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy must be reunited with their families within 30 days—and children under age 5 must be returned to parents within two weeks.


The headline of this great article has bigger implications, because in America property is worth more than life.
You’ll often see environmentalists and animal rights activists harshly prosecuted for damaging earth-killing machines or pipelines or for rescuing abused animals, with the courts/police/prosecutors saying that property rights are sacrosanct.
Capitalism views everything as property, including life itself; everything is commodity.
Trump, as a developer, views life as something to bulldoze.
He views immigrants as something to torture.
It’s not just a Trumpian attitude.


or what? what will be the penalty for not doing what is ordered. trump does as he wants so tell me…or what?


Here we have a judge that upholds what the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and America itself is supposed to stand for! The “liberty and justice for all”, we tout, but usually fail miserably to fulfill!

In great contrast is the right-wing “supreme” court of jesters who, the their 5-4 majority have sunk justice and humanity and workers, and civil rights, to the bottom of the sea!

These “justices” who were chosen by the R’Con right for their relative youth, political, not judicial, qualities/leanings/prejudices, and “religious” beliefs, have taken America down a road the founders would slap them down for, and makes a mockery of their ostensible role, and the courts, as a “balance” between the executive and Congress!

The “supremes” are now another political wing of government and have apparently forgotten that the highest law of the land is the US Constitution!


You have to agree with the premise that zero tolerance policies are the only thing separating families at the border in order to think changing zero tolerance will fix it. Remember, thousands of children have crossed the border alone or with no parent.

So what is next. The real zero tolerance for crossing the border without legal status.

I am really glad they are being reunited with their families but it is not over.


Exactly, hope this judge has a plan in place, when they defy him.