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Ripple Effect: Fare Thee Well


Ripple Effect: Fare Thee Well

Ending their long strange trip of 50 years, the surviving members of the Grateful Dead played their final "Fare Thee Well" concert in Chicago, urging a massive fervent crowd to take the feeling of the night home "and do some good with it - please, be kind.” To honor the event, the great global artists of Playing For Change released a video of "Ripple" in hopes its "ripple effect (will be) the next generation gets to play music all over the world.”


thank you, abby.


“Be kind” is the penultimate advice and I applaud the band for making that its farewell message. I only wish they had given the ultimate advice: “Be kind to all sentient beings.” Kindness is incomplete if extended only to human animals. Restriction of kindness to humans is a restriction of kindness.


Hopefully we’ll still be able to catch individual, itinerant members of the band at appearances around the country. Well, we can always play their records!


Time it was,
and what a time it was…
A time of innocence,
A time of confidences…
Long ago, it must be,
I have a photograph,
preserve your memories,
They’re all that’s left you…
(Simon & Garfunkle, “Bookends”).


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Sometimes in my zombie daily routine of striving to excel in our contrived world, I am sucked out of my reality-show into something beautiful and I burst into tears. This video was one of those times.


I had to make an account just because I liked this statement so much.

We are the Grateful Dead <3 shining on


I think “be kind” encompasses all of that, sentient & non-sentient, including the environment/planet. Perfect ending imho.