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"Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice": Mass Action Planned to Promote Clean Energy Economy

"Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice": Mass Action Planned to Promote Clean Energy Economy

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Peoples Climate Movement (PCM) has announced its next mass mobilization: Advocates across the globe plan to take to the streets on September 8 to challenge the Trump administration's deregulatory agenda and encourage citizens and politicians alike to "rise for climate, jobs, and justice."

"We have the opportunity to create good jobs in wind, solar, and the renewable energy sector that move us to a healthier future and a more just society."
—Lenore Friedlaender, SEIU Local 32BJ

Prime example of doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

It says in the article, 'like a massive, just transition to a 100 percent renewable economy that ensures safe and healthy communities, the right to organize for all workers, and millions of family-sustaining jobs."

Family. Yes, let’s just pretend that having all those kids has nothing to do with the problem at hand. Having children is your duty. All over the world, same cult.

Let’s always do everything for families and totally ignore that many people live happy productive lives without families, and in fact do not contribute to the problem.

Let’s pretend that by switching resources people can continue to grow the population, because resources are magic and appear by voting or wishing or praying, because…


Renewable. It’s like magic if you just say it enough.


Climate jobs and justice. Now there’s some safe things to beg our oligarch masters for.

Direct Democracy


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So you are advocating zero population growth or limiting familes to two children? That is a worthy cause and worked on that in the 70’s for not. Most of our problems at root is over population and not enough birth control and education for women. It is all so complex and you aren’t going to convince those white men running this country that they should not be producing more white children.

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I don’t need to convince them. Resources are running out all over the world and the climate is changing. Habitat overshoot is a cruel, but dependable, teacher.


Also, the population of the planet increases at three additional people per second. Look at the largest 150 cities in the world and see how many are in the USA.

Not many.


Oh wow! third world nations do not have birth control or education for women and or women rights

Wrong on all counts.

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What does this mean “and the renewable energy sector?” Do u mean nuclear or what?
“We have the opportunity to create good jobs in wind, solar, and the renewable energy sector that move us to a healthier future and a more just society,” she declared. “The time to act is now.” I am asking as an anti-nuclear power activist. Many include nuclear in “renewables” It is not renewable, clean or green. I want to be clear on what you mean so I can totally agree with what you say here or not. Thank you


See this is information that was true ten years ago, but not today. In fact the USA does not have birth control and education in many places. But other countries around the world have moved ahead and changed.

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One more thing. Climate jobs, justice, and


Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind. John F. Kennedy

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. George Orwell

I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Renewable energy is great. But if the population continues to grow, then that just means using more resources, so it’s two steps forward and ten steps backwards.

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Our nation must decide on FULL EMPLOYMENT – and compensation for those
who cannot find work.

Questions of employment – full employment or 50% employment of our nation’s
citizens – are no longer decided by our Congress in open debate …

Rather these decisions are now in the hands of the Federal Reserve Bank – a
private bank – which has reduced employment every year to near 50% levels.

A private bank whose members our citizens do not elect and who are unaccountable
to voters.

Mass Transportation, of course, must also be a large part of this recovery of sanity.

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Paul –

In these days of Global Warming and its effects becoming ever more frightening,
it is pure insanity to recommend any of our states continue on with nuclear reactors.

Every nuclear reactor should be being shut down right now –

That’s 100 across the US – and more than 500 internationally.

It takes a minimum of a year now to properly shut down a nuclear reactor –


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If the population continues to grow, you can not have full employment. Resources are finite.

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disc –

Don’t see why … there are always “make work” projects –
and there is much work to be done in the US in every way and every regard.

Natural resources are finite – likely. But human resources are not.

Government is way understaffed – for one …
Where agencies which inspect businesses are assigning huge numbers of cases
to individual agents which could not possibly be carried out.

A National Health Care System, as well, would increase employment by 1 million.

HOWEVER, the alternative then should be a guaranteed income.

Hey, lots of people are advocating for zpg just google population connection the old zero population growth.

You’ll never see a guaranteed income in the USA>- heck lots of people call social security retirement welfare as it is!!!

You can volunteer and table for population connection as well- I have.