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Rise of the Climate Justice Candidate?


Rise of the Climate Justice Candidate?

Nick Cunningham

On both sides of the Atlantic, a leftward shift in mainstream politics is changing the conversation on climate change.


There desperately needs to be a realignment that this is NOT a political cause but a reality (MORALITY in the truest sense) cause.


What is important is not so much the individual politicians but the popular mass of their reception and the potential for a movement. The voice of the People must make itself heard and pandering (such as by Clinton) is not going to cut it. The environment and economic justice are both at their tipping points. The rise of Crobyn and Sanders is due to them speaking the truth but even if elected a movement will be needed to overcome the incredible influence and power of the corporate opposition.


"That stands in contrast to her position just a few years ago. In 2011, on a visit to Greenland for a summit of the Arctic Council, Clinton laid out the US government’s stance Arctic drilling. “The melting of sea ice, for example, will result in more shipping, fishing and tourism, and the possibility to develop newly accessible oil and gas reserves,” Clinton said. “We seek to pursue these opportunities in a smart, sustainable way that preserves the Arctic environment and ecosystem.”

I'm wondering if it was Frank Luntz or even George Lakoff who advised political pundits to merely add the word "SMART" to any policy--even the most odious--would suddenly be transformed into "a winner."

So we end up with:

"Smart" energy extraction

"Smart" bombs

"Smart" drones

"Smart" continuous surveillance of citizens

"Smart" offshore torture tactics


Although Mr. Sanders' timidity around the MIC question infuriates some of C.D.'s savvy posters, who could argue that his stance on the TPP, roping in the big banks, creating fairer wages, and investing in greener technologies are not all long overdue benefits that are sorely required?


I am in complete agreement. I only wish that what's left of an honest media will call it what it is; pandering and manipulation are the attributes that should be tied to Clinton's shape-shifting. There is no belief, conviction, and consistency in her changing of stated views, only a playing of the field. The woman is bereft of values, the only thing that can be attributed to her "seeing the light" is her propensity to say and do whatever the majority of the voting population and the polls present of their beliefs and opinions in the moment. To frame it more in the tune of the vulgate, she is a self-serving, shape-shifting shit, bereft of all principles.


To get off fossil fuel they need to be made more expensive. Senator Sanders is the only candidate that backs a direct tax on carbon.


I too am nervous about Mr Sanders' hesitancy as regards the Empire and the MIC. But the rest of his program at least implies a massive weakening of the political negativity making those things necessary.


For all his faults, Bernie's assets outweigh his foreign policy liabilities and he is not the " lessor evil" and no doubt, if elected POTUS, would step on some pretty big domestic toes....and that is exactly why, in my view, Bernie has no chance at beating the corrupted HRC!


Granted, FDR was part of the 1%... but he did oppose his own class by catering to the masses' needs in devising The New Deal.

It could be, that agitation in the streets and the "fever pitch" of much of the nation is substantial enough to convince at least some members of the 1% that some concessions (in the form of the Populist, Bernie Sanders) must be made.

Of course, this is what I hope to see happen. The "usual suspects" under the direction of the Deep State have the power to manipulate media, the polls, the voting machines, and everything else to "give us" a Bush or a Clinton and convince perhaps 50% of citizens that THAT is what "we" voted for.


Bernie is sincere and that makes him head a shoulders above the rest of the candidates for POTUS, but from my perspective, Bernie has no chance for the democratic nomination for POTUS; however, I would add, if Bernie some how got the democratic nomination for POTUS, I believe Bernie would win in a landslide against any Republican.


You're probably right. But for now, I will root for him. Let's hope, at minimum, he's making the elites nervous, shaking up those who Crown American Dynasty, and sending enough waves of possibility throughout the body politic to ensure that voters won't just go home and bear with another 4 years of WAR as Product and everything else gone to shit.


" You're probably right."

Yeah, but I would love to be proven wrong!