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Rising Angst Among Defenders of Overpaid CEOs


Rising Angst Among Defenders of Overpaid CEOs

Sarah Anderson

Overpaid CEOs enjoyed a sweet victory in June when the House of Representatives took action to protect them from having to disclose how much more money they make than their workers.

But the celebration didn’t last long. The odds of the Senate taking similar action any time soon were always long. Now, given the health care quagmire, these odds are even longer.

And the clock is ticking. Under the regulation requiring this CEO-worker pay ratio disclosure, large publicly held corporations are due to start reporting their numbers in 2018.


This de-regulation crap never stops. How much longer do these rich assholes think regular working folk are going to stand for constantly being raked over the coals by their overlords? They’ve destroyed the unions threatened US workers to accept low wages or their jobs will go overseas and used intimidation to assure complacency. I know it happened to me when I was working, the intimidation anyway, I was a cook. i.e. I made $5.00 an hour, the VP made a cool $300 grand, I looked it up in the papers. No net at that time. The only thing wrong with this regulation is that they don’t want folks to know how bad they’re raping their employees. Well it’s time to stand up to these bullies and sign forms and let them know you all won’t stand for it.


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Egalitarian transparency.
In ten years?
Can anyone else help?


The only reason to hire, create jobs, in a capitalist economy is to make money off their labor. No profit, no jobs.
So, an alternative is to join companies that are worker owned within, and without make a product that is fairly priced for their neighbors.


Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2010, the “CEOs of 70 of the largest U.S. healthcare companies cumulatively have earned $9.8 billion,” according to a report by Axios’s Bob Herman.


Can someone prove to me that CEO’s are overpaid? Better yet, is there some metric that will tell me which CEO’s are; under, fairly and overpaid? This would go a long way towards me taking you seriously.


I did a quick search. Per a Forbes article in 2014 alone Untied, Cardinal and Anthem (3 of the top 10 healthcare co’s) had revenue of $294 billion. In one year!

So 70 guys making $10 billion total over 7 years is a drop in the bucket.


In my opinion, the focus of pointing out the outlandish compensation packages of some CEOs is a wrong-headed approach. Let’s assume the following scenario for a Fortune 500 Company:

  • CEO Annual Compensation: $12 million
  • Average Worker Compensation (non-management) $32,000

The REAL problem isn’t the CEO’s compensation … it’s the low pay of the average (non-management) employee!

Focusing on the compensation packages of CEOs is NOT an issue the entire working class can rally around. Conversely, low employee pay is an issue that every worker in the USA can collectively rally behind.

Don’t the successes of the Fight for $15 (an hour minimum wage) to-date support my opinion?

Let’s make the narrative and fight about the ourselves … not our capitalist lords.


!0 billion, drop in the bucket. I must still be living in the 60s.