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Rising Concerns About Nuclear War as Trump Prepares to Loosen Constraints on Weapons

Rising Concerns About Nuclear War as Trump Prepares to Loosen Constraints on Weapons

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"We are flirting with unacceptably high risks that carry catastrophic consequences for the country and the world. No one can afford to not take Trump's threats seriously."

“The system” carries far more weight than the “president”'s bluntly obvious sociopathy. Better we risk annihilation than do anything untoward.

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What makes Trump dangerous is not merely that he is a loose cannon but a petite bourgeoise loose cannon.


You’d think he could negotiate world peace in exchange for more Trump hotels and golf courses. He’s not a very good businessman.

Direct Democracy


Do we impeach him now or wait until he nukes Iran and/or North Korea?


Yeah, and one of Trumps most insane statements was he has said that what good are nukes if we don’t use them? This dysfunctional man that could launch a nuclear, attack at any time ,definitely needs to be stopped and taken seriously NOW! Before it is too late because there will probably be no warning because as Trump has reiterated many times: " they won’t know it is coming".


“Cohn wrote that Trump’s tweet in the exchange “violates several laws.” Cohn outlined those violations and highlighted comments from legal and nuclear experts who were alarmed by the latest hostile remarks by the leaders of two nations armed with nuclear weapons.”

For those of us who’d actually enjoy reading the law, would you kindly include Ms. Cohn’s outline of violations?



In deed, Trump is an idiot front man not even controllable but the neocon cabal is on a seemingly unstoppable train to nuclear Armaggedon.


My, what a short view of history you have. Let’s see…G.W. Bush came before Obama, and Clinton before him, and…

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A big bunch of climate scientists beg to differ.


Trump is in love with himself and in love with sheer power. The two combine to Trump’s illusions of grandeur of being the almighty one to nuke and adversary country. Very definitely not the type of egotistical narcissistic sociopath you want for president of the United States.

And who do we have to blame? Democrats couldn’t come up with anyone better than and insider Hillary Clinton to run for president against Trump. Republicans could not do any better in their field of candidates than Trump. And now Trump will be our most horrific president ever, all because the 2016 election had the lowest voter turnout in 70 years.

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" the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure." --Thomas Jefferson (1787)


This shift in US nuclear policy under the trump regime’s/administrations agenda and actions are inspired, engineered, and supported by the extremist zionist Israeli regime based on similar terrorist actions and agenda. This status follows the Obama admn Trillion $ nuclear weapons upgrade and end of the SALT/START treaty attempt to end the threat of nuclear war.

The intent is to mask Israeli extremism, nuclear weapons inspections/programs and nuclear options (the Samson Option, eg), Israel’s separation barrier (AKA, the Apartheid Wall) (ruled illegal by the ICJ), multiple ethnic cleansing agenda and expulsions, and military aggression/war against any who do not toe the racist Israeli line (or US) or have the temerity to oppose it.

Any and all who stand in opposition to both extremist states/regimes are labeled “terrorists” or “militants”, and excuse/rationale for continued endless (for-profit) wars, when of course the actual terrorists and aggressor states are Israel and their puppet trump regime, as previous US regimes/administrations have also been, both R’Con/“evangelical” and Democratic Corporate war-whore Party - both craven lap dogs to the racist Israeli agenda and subversion of America - both party’s treasonous and destructive to US domestic politics and foreign policy, also shills for the US arms/war industry!!

Both houses of the US Congress are riddled with members who hold first loyalty to this foreign power, as well as “evangelical” religious extremists who represent an “afterlife” mythology rather than people alive today - such treasonous subversion and loyalty are shown by numerous actions and lap-dog status to Israel’s foreign agents/AIPAC, destructive legislation, open access to subvert/influence members, and a half-century of hundreds of $billions in so-called “aid” stolen from American taxpayers!



http://ifamericaknew.org/stat/cost_of_israel.html - US aid to Israel exceeds all admitted numbers!


In my view, the economic, deep state, elite! Who selected a war mongering, corrupt, Wall Street whore and the insane one for POTUS.