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Rising Student Debt Places Living Wage Even Farther Out of Reach: Report


Rising Student Debt Places Living Wage Even Farther Out of Reach: Report

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In most of the United States, even a $15 minimum wage isn't enough to make ends meet—and the gap becomes a chasm if you factor in ballooning student debt.

So says a new report from the People's Action Institute, released Tuesday, which finds that in most states, the minimum wage provides less than half of the true living wage—an amount that takes into account what families need to cover basic necessities while also saving for emergencies or planning ahead.


Once again, you have to read the comments to discover there is a candidate for president who takes this issue seriously and has proposals for eliminating student debt. Maybe I should just be glad this article didn’t include outright lies and smears against Jill Stein, like John Oliver did:


Get rid of a system where pin-headed businessmen fixated on money accumulation and profit convert every single human activity from birth to death (and even those events!) into some means of extorting money from people.


Doubtful that the powers that be are not aware of this. By having so many of our youth in this situation guarantees they are graduating into serfdom, into an economy of debt. On the other side of the age spectrum, the impoverished seniors have also been affected by this exploitive system by no cost of living adjustments, people who are seen as expendable and the sooner they die the better. While it may be tempting to imagine rearranging some parts of the anatomy of the 1% starting with their faces we would be better served by coming together to fight the common enemy.


Me too and for the sake of our youth and Mother Earth.


Tim Canova says Jill Stein is right about quantitative easing as a solution to student debt. His statement is attached to this tweet. He also says Bernie Sanders appointed him to a Senate advisory panel on Federal Reserve reform, so he has more than a passing familiarity with the Fed.


“expanding tax-free student debt forgiveness;”
More than expand – write it off just like our magnanimous government did for the wall street narcissists! They’re still getting 85 billion a month … think what that would do for all student debt!


I know you’re right, but guillotining a lloyd blankbrain right about now sounds really satisfying! :smiling_imp: … and they really need to get a guillotine emoji!


Yeah, I kind of like the idea of rearranging their faces, a new take on Dorian Grey–may they look as ugly as they are.


The advantage to your idea is that they would have to live the rest of their worthless, pissant lives with their awesome ‘rearranged’ faces!!! Ooh-ooh, who’s that artist that rearranges objects/people in his paintings – you know, like an eye coming out of their posterior, and a thumb protruding from their forehead … :imp::laughing:


One of the problems is Trumpster/Dumpster voters are resentment voters and won’t put political pressure to have either a living wage or student debt forgiveness on the agenda. They’d rather eat cold Spaghettios than give any one of these constituencies a thought. They’re so mad they can’t see straight, currently ( sorry everyone ). So, we’re stuck with Clintonista Economic Policy. Which is Military expansion and spending abroad and fiscal austerity at home. She’s in the pockets of hedge funds mgrs., bond traders and foreign investment funds. So was OhBummer. The only way anything good happens here is putting the economy on a glide path to a reformed Medicare for All, a 50% cut to The Police State, Security State and the DoD, etc ( The Alphabets ); coupled to an investment bridge stimulus package of about $10 Trillion dollars to begin to build a new, inclusive economy.( Social Security can be fixed easily, btw. ) Which is not built on endless war and financialization of the basic needs of the 99s. The Democratic Party leadership won’t touch this for a lot of reasons, most cowardly and chickenshit. That leaves a 3rd Party;and a real commitment to building a Green/Progressive/Democratic Socialist vision of a new America. Vote Stein & Green in 2016! Start a new way forward.


The economy is rigged with so few decent paying jobs out there and dozens or more applicants for each one. Personally, I’ve been slaving away at or below $15/hr in a government job with a degree for far too long. Very little patience left.


Right on! Just picked up my absentee ballot and I’m voting for Stein-Baraka also, the only ticket that really wants to forgive current debt and prevent future students from falling into this scheme.

It’s not easy and I realize not everyone can do it, but a widespread revolt against paying the loans off might get some attention.


Congress put US taxpayers on the hook for $20 plus trillion dollars to bail out the Wall Street banks that crashed the economy in 2008, more than enough money to pay for a decade of single-payer medical for all Murkins AND retire all students’ debts.


When you think about it, customers at restaurants who tip the wait staff are essentially helping the restaurant owner pay their salary.


Add to all this the fact that our Savings no longer earn interest.

The laughable 0.25% they give us is only the first step towards them CHARGING us for having a Savings Account.

Credit Card charges of 24.9% are a full One Hundred Times more than they pay us today.

And all of this occurs in Broad Daylight.


I hope you all will allow an old man a bit of your time. I read the article and I have read the comments. I have a few questions that may aid in my understanding of what kind of country the Millennial generation seeks to build for the future. Mr. Sannhitts said in his comment “ Democratic Party leadership won’t touch this for a lot of reasons, most cowardly and chickenshit. That leaves a 3rd Party; and a real commitment to building a Green/Progressive/Democratic Socialist vision of a new America.”
My questions are about this 3rd party
1, what is Green?
2, what does progressive mean?
3, what is Democratic Socialist to you Millennials
Once I understand your definitions on these things I may feel qualified to comment on your vision of a new America.
I was born during the 2nd World War, abandoned at the age of 3 and raised by a farmer who was born in 1863. I have only this foundation to hold to for my view of the world…
I may have some points to contribute once I understand your foundation of your view of the new world you seek.
I have listened to interviews of Dr. Jill, find her refreshing and intelligent. I do not agree with her on some things but feel she is worth listening to.
Thank you for your time…


One - the word is “further” (for non-physical distances) not “farther” (for physical distances such as inches and miles).

Two - this is the process that transformed former slaves with land into wage slaves as tenant farmers. Not just education money but anything which makes up your life, from “The Cloud” which means constant rentals of space on someone else’s server where even you most personal notes don’t really belong to you and can be gone in an instant, to music “services” instead of physical albums, to streamed video instead of DVD’s (or VHS tapes, remember those?) to software program subscriptions you need to do your work instead of hardware tools in your tool box (heck even those are beginning to have logins on the IOT (internet of things). Ot cars we buy which are hooked into the internet with the constant threat of external control.
We should all pay in taxes for our schooling, not get stuck with individual tuitions and student loans. We should get free (paid by taxes) healthcare.
In all of this is the hand of (not government) private enterprises which basically own government. (hearing you, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, etc?).


Any student with debt who DOES NOT vote for Jill Stein deserves the Hildebeast !!