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Rising Tide of 'Politically Acceptable' Killings Spells Danger for Environmentalists Worldwide


Rising Tide of 'Politically Acceptable' Killings Spells Danger for Environmentalists Worldwide

Nika Knight, staff writer

Environmental activists are being murdered for their work in record numbers, a new report finds, as 2015 saw a stunning 185 people killed—more than three people each week—for resisting destructive industries and the exploitation of land and water.

"It is necessary to defend the land, for us the poor people, because the land is our own bank. If we lose it we have lost the world."
—Sima Mattia, Malen Land Owners and Users Association (MALOA) of Sierra Leone


Is there any hope left when so many have jumped on the bandwagon of ruthless exploitation, murder, mayhem, and vile corruption so as to fulfill their petty materialistic desires? Now they’re simply eliminating any and all obstacles.


Philosophy is often seen as being ivory tower and not connected with reality.
This report brutally reminds us all that philosophy unrecognized is the most dangerous weapon on this planet. It will always be so. The reality of this philosophy is dead bodies- lots of them.
The blood soaked philosophy in question is neoliberalism, capitalism, and ‘centrist’ politics(!!!), with their antidemocratic, free market hegemony and coercion. It rules us all. It is unamenable and antithetical to a greater philosophy of peace, cooperation and securing the wellbeing of all, as long as the majority are still on the payroll of extremist, socially sanctioned criminality.
The free market philosophy is a sickness that destroys human life and the planet while claiming to be progress, just, democratic, accountable, transparent, and responsible.


We are living in a patriarchal society ruled by a death cult.


Per the Guardian today:

And we all know how Hillary loves Honduras!


I look forward to the day when it these people, these peoples that are being murdered as they try and protect our environments , are seen by one and all all as out heroes and heroines and the true defenders of our freedoms and liberties , and it those soldier boys killing them that are the enemies of the same.


Oh my god, the sickness of the cowards who kill is unimaginable. All in the name of power.