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Rising (Too Late) To Say Enough

Rising (Too Late) To Say Enough

The blistering speech by Arizona's Sen. Jeff Flake was a multi-sided affair, a "defiant surrender" both eloquent and empty. Ripping Trump, he called out the "indecency of our discourse," "coarseness of our leadership," "compromise of our moral authority" and nobly vowed, "I will not be complicit." He also mostly voted with Trump, failed to denounce a GOP that created him, and is quitting. We wish we could.

Flakes speech was the last hurrah of the Republican Party, they are Fascists one and all. Even though he knows who I am and that I disagree with him 100% of the time I did write to him saying thanks, he did get a lot of things right, he is in the mold of his hero Goldwater. He is not a fascist but truly a radical right-wing conservative with no compassion for his fellow man.

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GOP…lying sacks of shit…every one of 'em…corruptible, common place thieves deserve jail time.

Add most of the Democrats to that.


I really hope you left Bernie OFF of that list…there are several others also, but it don’t give us shit…MSM wouldn’t let us libs get anything to the airwaves even if we pay 'em. Yes we’re fucked and no I don’t have any answers, just disgust. Just remember you still get to LIVE before you die, make the most of it in spite of these fucking fools. Peace

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Well spoken! Thank you.

It is a crying shame that he has not applied that indignation and disgust to halting the myriad exec orders/dictates/attempted legislation signed/backed along with the disastrous cabinet appointments by the demented despot. In other words, his actions belie his words. His integrity and self-respect stop at his bathroom door where he can see the back of his head reflected in the full-length mirror on the back of the door.

Senator Sanders is not a Democrat…he is an Independent.

uuummm, do ya think that’s how he got that crooked nose? or was it something else? mmmm kinda makes one wonder don’t it? :-)))

One too many bar fights on the streets of Nogales…perhaps?

So, Jeff: If Trump were to drop his corse/vulgar speech but kept his or his handler’s actual policies, the actual dismantling of democratic institutions, the actual assault on education, health, eco systems, everything would be ok? Your votes don’t fool us.

maybe…I’m not far from his hometown and yes, he would have to travel some for a fight