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Rising Up, in Baltimore and Beyond


Rising Up, in Baltimore and Beyond

Rae Breaux

If we want climate justice — not just adaptation to or even mitigation of climate change — then it’s important to understand the structural drivers of the crisis.

I’m thinking about those drivers today, and I’m thinking about Baltimore.


A hearty “Yes!”, to all three: the article and the first two comments.

But, here, let us not delude ourselves too quickly: “Today, as we read the headlines about the six Baltimore police officers actually being charged for the death of Freddie Gray, we know we are being heard.”

Tell us how Hillary and Barack are responding to you, Ms. Rae Breaux. Because they are not speaking in any language I can hear or read. And they are not putting their responses to your article in these comments. Not yet, at least.

Before we can say this with any confidence, we need some actually practicable (some proposals they can and will put into practice now rather than blame the clouds for their refusal to do anything practical), we cannot connect the dots between Freddie Gray’s murder (and thousands upon thousands of others) and the assertion that “we are being heard.”

Where is there any evidence, in fact, that we are even being listened to by the minor minions of the ruling US bipartisan Wall Street-Worshipping claque?


Very well stated, JonnyJames!
Powerful and thorough statement, yet concise. I logged in just to like this, and say “Thanks!” Best wishes.