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Risking Lives in Endless US Wars Is Morally Wrong and a Strategic Failure

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/17/risking-lives-endless-us-wars-morally-wrong-and-strategic-failure

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Jackson should give support to Tulsi Gabbard in her public anti-war efforts, even if he does not specifically endorse her as a candidate.
— Just HAVING such a candidate is quite significant and worthy of mention.

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Jesse Jackson, who was my candidate of choice in the 1984 and 1988 Democratic primary, has written an article of accountability, that Tulsi Gabbard should memorize and carry in her Army rucksack.
Then Tulsi can get back to those of us who’ve lived with and worked with WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War One and Afghanistan & Iraq War Two veterans. Who know the family members of these war veterans. Whose family members are veterans; ya’ know, the accounted for and " the decorated and the still very, very dead. " There’s lots of them now.
Then Tulsi can take some out to read about The Cuban Missile Crisis, too. She’s lucky in that she never lived under the possibility of complete annihilation while sitting at a school desk or in the living room of your home. With veterans and their children, living members of all the good wars of The Empire, American Exceptionalism, Pax Americana and other huge lies your Government told you were for your own good.
Then she can shout from a mountain top and with a keen urgency and with a resolve which sounds sincere. That would be heroic.
All proposed wars should be physically protested and stopped by any means necessary. There is more patriotism in stopping a possible war than in participating in the wars of The Empire.
It’s just that basic and real; as in, really speaking truth to power and to evil, as well.

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Caspar Weinberger stopped a war from going forward under Reagan.

The Russians stopped us from invading Iran in February 1980. We planned a five division amphibious assault and column march to Tehran to rescue our embassy staff and others.
Russians told us no. “You have our west border with NATO, our north border with your submarines and eastern border with your navy fleets. You may not have our southern border”.

Being trained, equipped and ready for war is not the sin.
Purchasing junk that does not work is a sin:
bullet proof vests, F35, F22, etc.

Repulsing attacks into civilian areas is a good thing.
Our strategy and tactics in Afghanistan and Iraq are both stupid, losing and gained nothing for citizens there or Americans.

Many viet nam vets followed the recipe that I have witnessed for 25 years.
Have job, get married and raise family.
Get divorced.
Purchase Harley and drink beer.
Alcohol is a strong depressor.

War Is Hell.

Need anyone say any more?

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Yeah, but think of the arms sale profits!