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RNC Night(mare) Two: Trump Junior, the 'Lynch Mob,' and... Lucifer?


RNC Night(mare) Two: Trump Junior, the 'Lynch Mob,' and... Lucifer?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

On the night Donald J.


... try breath.


I would observe that Looney Tunes seem at the forefront of this election campaign but bugs bunny , foghorn leghorn and Daffy Duck are not only more sane than this lot but a lot smarter.


I made myself listen to the little Trump...

For those who don't, here are the highlights:

  1. He pushes Charter Schools as "freedom of choice" and asserts that the reason why Asian schools produce higher academic results is due to "choice."

  2. He talks about putting all Americans "first."

  3. He equates Charter Schools with the Free Market.

  4. He decries any forms of regulation... and terms it "The Regulatory State."

  5. He attacks Dodd Frank

  6. He attacks the elite--in the form of the nation's intellectuals (Nazis love this one)

  7. He speaks of his father's good "judgment" as being a better choice to answer the emergency phone (in the White House) than Hillary

  8. He panders to the U.S./Americans being under attack (rather than THE aggressors)

  9. He insists that his father is funding his own campaign (as proof of his loyalty to the destiny of this nation).

  10. The nonsense that soldiers (abroad) risk their lives for "our freedoms."

  11. That Hillary wants to take "your guns away."

  12. That his father shoots from the hip without a focus group to say "what needs to be said."

  13. LIES that his father will not support "Special Interests."

It's amazing the loyalty money can buy... especially, within dysfunctional family systems.

And this "make America great again" is a paean to idiot exceptionalism... nor does it spell out what the promise means or how it will be achieved other than implying that his father is the quintessential DEAL MAKER of all time.

Now I get to vomit.


The televised political "convention" mode hyper-activates the Bernaysian advertising premises with the highly predictable downward spiral to generating 'wants' rather than meeting the needs of society. The flashy stages are a direct reflection of the corporate profit making premises that depend on the "externalization" of costs in order to make profit. In this case what is "externalized" are 1) due democratic procedures in the decision making processes; 2) actual informative treatment of issues being faced by society; 3) divisiveness for the sake of material advantage - and I'm sure observers will recognize many other earmarks of what has been so accurately described as inverted totalitarianism.

In an interesting take on the advertising/economic/political system "externalization" and scorn of face-to-face human dimensions such as compassion, this is even being raised in the Keiser Report:


Yes exactly what we need to move us along to an inherited throne ( but with better hair )! How about this for a future title >>>

Trump and Son's American Empire.

P. S. You know the junior is going to run someday if we still include running at all then. He does have better hair!


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It gets worrisome that there is the inheritor factor in American politics where someone's relatives get credit for the other's term. Even when the prior term was a fiasco as Jeb showed until he got trumped by the Trump on stage. Clinton gets the rep for being qualified because she was around a lot during Bill's term. 'I married a president' should not automatically qualify someone.

Is it just me or does it seem like America crossed some cosmic line of electioneering and that things are now really screwy. Repubs who don't want their candidate and Dems who chose the less popular candidate when remembering independents. Nutty! America wanted Bernie but oligarchy did not.

We may have gone down the wrong road historically because of that.


I suppose the one good thing that would come out of a Trump presidency is that Christie is likely going to be the next Attorney General. At least then HRC will have a decent chance of seeing the inside of a courtroom for her crimes.

(That is, as long as Obama doesn't preemptively pardon her on January 22nd...)

Of course she won't get a fair trial, but then again, nobody else gets one of those these days so why should her?


While Junior's speech was somewhat interesting and well presented, none of his points regarding Senior have I seen evidenced on the campaign trail. The media is easily seduced.



"I suppose the one good thing that would come out of a Trump presidency is that Christie is likely going to be the next Attorney General. At least then HRC will have a decent chance of seeing the inside of a courtroom for her crimes."

The sort of petty revenge you're championing is so fixed on turning Mrs. Clinton into a target as to miss the FAR greater fact that the likes of Guiliani, Christie, Pence, and Trump would turn our nation into a locked-down authoritarian nightmare for anyone who doesn't think jack-booted domestic and foreign policy--in the name of establishing Order--is a particularly good or Democratic thing.

Ah, gee, Billie Gee...


His friends (and enemies) call Junior, Slick, for all the barrels of Tar Sands he clearly uses to keep his thick bombastic hairdo slicked back and under sleek dictatorial control. I was expecting him to be waving his trusty elephant gun along with a couple stuffed rhino heads around on stage to prove what a great white bwana hunter he and his great white bwana daddy are always bragging about their macho foot long bwana masculinuities. Even better than Sara 'Half a Guv' Palin, the great white huntress who hunts, stalks, and guns down Alaskan wolves from the safety of heliocopters and small planes.


Talk about tunnel vision!

The REVENGE takes shape as what will happen to this nation under a not exactly fascist lite, Christian theocracy like that which Trump, Chris Christie, Pence, and the rest of the retrograde Republican neanderthal misogynistic, racist, ignorance squad would do their utmost to impose.

No wonder YOU are in THAT camp!

The wish to see Mrs. Clinton punished (and why not the same rallying cry to see Bush punished, you imbeciles????) regardless of the cost to the nation is based on vengeance, revenge, and misogyny.

I am not a Clinton supporter but I know tunnel vision, idiocy, bigoted racism, sexism, misogyny, and narrow-mindedness when I see it!


I know. I was being sarcastic. :wink:


Christie may well be an un-indicted co-conspirator in Bridgegate.
I haven't heard too much on the lately, but its probably one reason Trump didn't pick him for Veep. Plus more of that scandal is likely to unfold this fall, so all in all not a great AT pick, although nothing would surprise me.


Please don't insult Neanderthals. They never lived in the USA and there is a good reason why. They were intellligent.


The central problems with trying to mock The Donald and his retinue of apologists are:

First of all the actual Donald (and his gang) are so honestly absurd that they are beyond satire.

(For those of you that do not know, if you move your mouse cursor over any portion of the cartoon above you can enlarge it to a more readable size. Note the last panel in the strip!))

Secondly, the alternative (Queen Hillary!) is a crooked, money grubbing, politician for sale to the highest bidder and to whom the laws of criminal behavior do not seem to apply.

What a Country!!


I suppose it isn't really all that surprising that nowhere in all the hyperventilating attacks on Clinton, no one, not even the media, has pointed out that it was the the Republican's own investigations that found nothing of substance in either the Bengahzi tragedy or the email scandal. None of us are immune to cognitive dissonance, and the visceral hatred of all things Clinton would prevent it from registering in any case. I understand the latter especially because of my own reaction to GW, Cheney and that entire gang of international criminals, something else that the media politely ignores when the conversation turns to ISIS, Syria, refugees fleeing to Europe and pretty much anything else that relates to the current situation in the Middle East.

And speaking of GW, I hear he's concerned that he may be the last republican president. We can certainly hope.


Trump Jr. is a well coached speaker. He is doing for The Donald what Ronald Reagan did for the crusty and aging Barry Goldwater in 1964. If The Donald wins, expect Jr. to be groomed for higher office and to make the most of it. His criticism of "special privileges for the wealthy" and the elimination of "special interests" having undue influence in politics is reminiscent of JFK who bragged that his access to his family fortune for financing his campaign allowed him to not have to kow-tow to the "special interests" to which that LBJ and Nixon had to demonstrate fealty.

Forget Ivanka and keep your eye on Trump Jr.


Neanderthals propbably did live in Britain, but it was the stupid Homo sapiens who invented cricket, suits and ties, not to mention bowler hats. Nothing more daft than wearing a tie; as for cricket. I am sure it was invented to confuse USAians whose main contribution to sporting culture, as in war, has been lines of heavily armoured fat men bumping into each other for no good reason.