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RNC Protest Rules to be Revised After Judge Says They're Unconstitutional


RNC Protest Rules to be Revised After Judge Says They're Unconstitutional

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The ACLU of Ohio and the city of Cleveland have reached a settlement after a judge on Thursday struck down the rules set by city officials for protesters at next month's Republican National Convention, saying the restrictions on speeches and parades were unconstitutional.

The decision from U.S. District Judge James Gwin comes in response to a lawsuit filed last week by the ACLU of Ohio, which said the rules were "arbitrary, unnecessary, and unjustifiable."


The rights to protest and due process have been under continuous frontal assault since 911. The Patriot Act was really the fascist enabling act. Oligarchy is not freedom. It's serfdom.


More than a dozen people in Cleveland have reported visits this week
from law enforcement officials with the Department of Homeland Security,
Secret Service, FBI's Cleveland Field Office...

Knock, knock. It's the Gestapo.

Welcome to the post-Constitutional, totalitarian USA of Exceptionalist-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, serial enabler of lawless torture and banksterism.


Please. This was set in motion long before Obama came along.
Intimidation by police is nothing new. What activists really have to be
concerned about is government infiltration by the likes of the FBI, CIA etc.
You can’t lay this at his feet. He’s as much a captive of the Deep State as you


Let's make that 'piece of hemp.'


Interesting choice of when it is appropriate to take preemptive action.. If you need law enforcement to protect you from a stalker or potential rapist, it's "Hey, he hasn't done anything." If you might want to exercise your first amendment rights, it's knock on your door and make it known you will be watched. Interesting also that 1st Amendment rights are so much less respected than 2nd.