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RNC Protests Dissatisfy Reporters Who Anticipated Trump-Stoked Violence


RNC Protests Dissatisfy Reporters Who Anticipated Trump-Stoked Violence

Kevin Gosztola

Reporters and police grossly outnumber protesters at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and reporters are hungry for some kind of spectacle to break out so they can justify their presence. A few outlets have even opted to express their dismay by publishing stories framed around the question, “Where are all the protesters?”


This makes sense. Any violent protest at the RNC would only grant greater legitimacy to the Trump campaign, and why the heck would we want to do that? The extreme Right Wingers of the GOP aren't attending in force because they WON! What's there to be angry about if you're guy is on top of the ballot?!

We all know he's got a snowball's chance in hell of actually winning this election (don't listen to the polls - HRC will do whatever it can to win) so why should we risk getting arrested (or worse!) on a candidate that's going to lose anyway?

Where is Jill Stein going to be? She's going to be in Philadelphia next week. She isn't wasting her time in Cleveland. So if you want to attend a protest that will actually matter, go to Philly.


From the film series, "The Matrix" to modern math, there's something to be said for Balancing The Equation.

The ultimate equation which points to the code in which all biological life is writ (DNA) simulates the intended as balanced interaction between Venus (the Feminine Principle) and Mars (the masculine principle).

This Yin-Yang interaction is notable in so many ways and places. However, under patriarchy, every attempt (many of them brutal, others of them so long institutionalized as to be taken for what "normal" is) is instead made to eradicate, control, decimate, or subsume the Feminine Principle into itself.

That's why every dollar spent on beefing up domestic militarism, building weapons or this next generation of all obscenities, nuclear weapons (while the world burns as the TRUEST threat to life which arguably the Armed Forces would be defending, not undermining) added to the ongoing wars represent Mars' urges to conquer, maim, and kill. Mars has become completely unhinged from its life-affirming PARTNER in Creation, Venus (or Yin).

Imagine if all these senseless sums spent on uber-surveillance, cops at Mars' version of a public masquerade ball, and weapons were instead spent on improving lives, one community at a time?

The best way to alleviate violence is by spreading justice which, incidentally, also comes under Venus' purview (as the ruler of the Zodiac Sign Libra, the sign OF law and balanced justice).

I speak out a lot about the indications of Mars Rules because they are so obvious to me. And contrary to the UNIFORM (or is it, uniformity?) squad, I speak for THOSE VOICES not counted in the false and arrogant assertion that what Mars does necessarily reflects all persons and speaks for all persons.

It is ONE key archetype that has been given grotesquely disproportionate AIR TIME in the modern world. Therefore, its "vision" is what's become the dominant one.

There's a potent metaphysical axiom which explains that whatever minds focus upon expands. The power of collective mental energy is real and that's why, in practical terms it's easy to see that Trump has gotten all his current political prominence due in large measure to his being granted billions of dollars worth of free advertising.

The media works as the world's magic mirror. What it shows to people often BECOMES actualized.

And the media does NOT show any voices and figures that represent an effective counter-narrative to its own predominant drives which are ever in pursuit of more stuff (greed/gold/resources) and lionizing the muscle (armed guards and troops) through which to obtain it.

The human tree has other branches, other stories to tell, plant, nourish, and cultivate.

A good start would be equal investment in things Venus... so long as there will be investments in things, Mars.

That would begin to shift the template so that through a restoration of balance, other Just Ideals would guide the inception and development of healthier societies.

I believe the present world system will drop like a dead sarcophagus... the crust broken apart.

Out of it will come the Phoenix... that which this planet's survivors will rebuild. That which goes beyond and transcends what occupants of the present can imagine.

Watch for falling debris...


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In your sickening tributes to The Beast, you leave out plenty.

Like why would he choose a right wing card carrying fascist like Pence?

You should listen to Amy Goodman's show today since it goes deep into Pence's background.

Guiliani, Trump, Christie, Pence and all the other "law and order" good ole' white boys have Fascist Lite in store for U.S. citizens (with special clemency allotted to white Christians)... but they'll call it freedom or insist it's about protecting our liberties, etc.

On Ms. Goodman's show there's mention made that Trump's son tried to court Ohio's governor Kasich and even said HE would get to CONTROL foreign and domestic policy. Trump's job (like the LOGO on Pizza Hut) is just to "Make America Great Again."

The hostility towards what the CLINTONS did to the Democratic party makes sense. Some of the really raw stuff reeks of misogyny.

What's most glaring is the degree to which hatred of the Clintons has posters like you--who claim to have an academic background in history--making light of the very real fascist inclinations of the Trump team as if only their icon matters.

Blinded by the celebrity spotlights are you?