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Ro Khanna Announces No Vote on Democratic Platform Over Failure on 'Moral Issue of Our Time'—Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/ro-khanna-announces-no-vote-democratic-platform-over-failure-moral-issue-our-time


Ro needs to start positioning himself for a run in the 2024 dem presidential primary. If Biden/Harris (god willing they win) end up championing, and getting passed, progressive policies in the next 4 years (unlikely given their past and present rhetoric) then all power to them, but if not we will need multiple progressive officials ready to step up and primary the hell out of Kamala (because it ain’t gonna be Joe).


This should be the number 1 issue. The fact that the Democrats vetoed even having it on their platform is beyond belief. But even worse is the candidate himself would VETO if showed up on his desk although 70% of Americans support Medicare For Sll. It’s hard to believe the Democrats actually want to win the election.


Winning elections fell off the Democrats’ list of priorities with the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation.


“While we think it is vital that we elect Joe Biden…”
“I stand in solidarity with them. We will prevail.”

Funny how you can’t see the irony of these two statements Khanna. You and the people will not prevail when you pledge “vote blue, no matter who” in the general election. Why would the corporate wing give you/us anything when you have already promised to vote for them? Am I supposed to believe you’re so ignorant you don’t understand this?


The statue needs to include Billy Tauzin carrying a bag of money and Liz Fowler holding the 2 thousand something pages of her ACA text under her arm. Perhaps add Max Baucus with his foot on the neck of one of the doctors or nurses requesting a seat at the ACA table ?


If Ro actually means what he says about being progressive, he’ll take himself out of that corrupt party and go genuinely progressive third party. And that goes for AOC and all the other politicians within the Democratic Party posing as progressives while acting as the Party’s sheep dogs and serving up more false hopes to progressive voters like Ro’s doing here. They’re presence in the Democratic Party has zero progressive influence on Party policy and continues to be a net negative for the so called progressive cause.


Thank you Ro Knanna!


Good PROGRESSIVE… people like Bernie and AOC are just being used by the corrupt, Democratic, Party to give Progressives false hope and to curtail any political power by my Party…THE GREEN PARTY.


100% agree Austintatious. Do you think now is the time to do that or after the “election”?

It is a lovely (albeit most likely delusional) fantasy to think that forces are gathering to form a 3rd party if trump is removed . . .

Progressive momentum is growing (?,) . . . and I’m hoping it will continue to do so.
Charles Booker could be a powerful force in that (a 3rd party) movement as well.

Should be very interesting to see how AOC uses the (pathetic/offensive) 60 seconds they gave her.


A very large and sincere, “Thank you sir” to Ro Khanna.


Back in 1992, when Bill Clinton was the nominee, my then-boss asked, out of all of the people in the U.S., why did Bill get nominated. I asked the same thing about Bill’s then-opponent. Every four years, we get the two “palatable candidates” at the top of an ostensibly 2 party ticket. The U.S. is painfully limited to a duopoly in terms of political parties and each party’s candidates.
this process is an insult to the electorate(even though most of the electorate can’t see it so) and an insult to the very process it represents. We desperately need more choices for candidates, and we also need to find a way for term limits to be instituted. Congress won’t impose limits on itself, so we must go beyond the various ways that may be available by carefully and thoughtfully getting the States to come together and impose them.


The Dems primary concern is not winning an election, it’s keeping the current oligarchs, their sugar-daddies, in power.


For profit health care is unethical and immoral! It really is that straightforward.


and gave the Wall Street Democrats life time tenure among the elite ‘leadership’
funded by their masters. Pelosi, Hoyer, Clyburn, etc,etc, Neal? … send Alex Morse a few dollars and send a wall street teat sucker home.


You’re absolutely right, and that means the politicians ramming for profit health care down the peoples’ throat are unethical and immoral. And that means they are not worthy of our support.


For me, healthcare is indeed the number one issue. For me, especially in this time of killer pandemic and growing economic depression, Medicare for All has become a litmus test. No Medcare for All, no vote for you. Period.


As i wrote in the other thread:

Superb straightforward argument for backing M4A in the Dim Party platform.

Similar superb arguments should also be voiced for two other similarly necessary planks:

  • Slash the war budget, drastically pull back our war footing, and stop trying to rule the world;
  • A robust Green New Deal, to include not just a Manhattan Project / Apollo Program level of resources and commitment to end carbon energy and roll back the industrial assault on nature, but also to include a job guarantee, so that anyone who wants to work can get a good job in these GND programs.

what moral courage looks like. standing up to the hypocrisy of the damn dems! Nice going Rho and it is more of this that will defeat the murderer in the white house. if only the rest of the damn dems figure it out before election day!


Fantastic! Finally(!), a progressive speaks out about the single most imperative policy of the Bernie Sanders’ movement–M4A.

This should have been Bernie’s stance all along but he abandoned his own movement and the millions who worked for him and contributed to his campaign when he fell in line to endorse Biden…for essentially nothing…not a single significant concession from Biden. What a horrible shame and betrayal of the movement.

Now let’s hope that other progressives will follow Ro Khanna’s lead and voice their opposition to the Party’s platform.