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Ro Khanna Announces No Vote on Democratic Platform Over Failure on 'Moral Issue of Our Time'—Medicare for All

Just think of what could be accomplished if Ro Kanna, AOC and the rest of the Squad, Sanders, Warren and all the others professing to be progressives joined in a third party effort truly committed to fighting for a progressive agenda on behalf of the masses. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. The people are ready for it and it would kick ass!


Perhaps @zed can offer some advice to Representative Khanna. If Mr. Khanna is serious about clearing a path toward Medicare For All, then he needs to advocate for U.S. withdrawal from the World Trade Organization and the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). These international agreements were entered into at the behest of transnational corporations who profit from preying on people. Because of “trade” agreements like the GATS, transnational corporations are more powerful than national governments (yes, more powerful, even, than the U.S. government). The U.S. people cannot have nice things because nice things are prohibited by the predatory corporate executives who control the U.S. government. Nice things for the people – nice things like Medicare For All, and public schools, and Social Security… – amount to “unfair competition” with private enterprises. Hence, they must not be enacted. (And if they were enacted by a previous generation, well, then, they must be destroyed.)

The boot stepping on humanity’s face is worn by cannibals in corporate boardrooms. Governments are their predatory organs. Government today is nothing more than an instrument for transferring the people’s wealth into private bank accounts. This is why the people cannot have nice things.


And once we are out of the WTO, we can work to abolish the limited-liability investor-owned corporation once and for all, to be replaced by models that are first and foremost accountable to communities and the ecology, not primarily accountable to investor profit.


Ro is one more reason I stay a registered Democrat.

Those bloggers that come here to bitch and cry in their beer, “liking” their buddies’ pathetic “RT think” ignorant comments like “Both sides are the same, wah, wah, wah.” are helping Dump win when they vote for kanye, a mentally ill singer/rapper/whatever he is. And those that don’t vote, you are helping Dump, too.

So, when your creature comforts become privatized, or unavailable, your roads and bridges and other foundations of travel crumble,air and bodies of water become more polluted, more fires, floods other acts of nature crush your world, FEMA will not exist, and quite possibly neither will fire depts… You want them, you’ll will have to pay through the nose because they will now all be privatized.

Privatization is all about profit, screw workers, screw consumers. No accountability. Dump is doing whatever he wants with the USPS. Privatization is dictator’s goal. Forget about sending money thru the mail, or something private. Once privatized, like Google, At&t, any other mega monopoly, it will aid and abate any dictator consigliere (Barr, etc.)they want to monitor you, imprison you, or your family and friends. No laws will protect you because now, dictator Dump, has 6 conservatives on the Supreme Court. The U.S. Constitution is null and void.

It’s no joke. I promise no one will laugh if you allow Dump to stay in office. Oh. Forget that last comment, exception: If you are filthy rich.

It is maddening how medicare/singlepayer are overwhelmingly popular ideas, the number one issue, yet, Biden, not Bernie. What! Ah, it’s that fear of fear itself, ignorance.


Ro on phone to Biden’s campaign chair. “It’s working!”

“We told you it would. Just throw them a bone and they won’t pay attention to us eating the steak.”

“You’re sure this won’t hurt my standing in the party.”

“Well, it won’t as long as you keep promoting Biden/Harris like you’ve been doing.”

“Oh, no worries there, We’ve got to get rid of Trump the worst and most corrupt presi…”

“You’re funny!”

“Well, isn’t that the talking point?”

“Sure, but you don’t need to spout it to us as if you’re trying to convince us you actually believe all the propaganda we feed the masses.”

“No, I was just showing you I got it down pat. He’s corrupt, dangerous, out of control, treasonous, a big baby, can’t be trusted, a racist, the country’s doomed etc.”

“Right. Keep spouting it and the peasants out there won’t notice our corruption or racism or how we keep building up his power as Commander in Chief and head of the Security State with each vote.”

“And there’s a cabinet position for me?”

“You’re on the list.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you!”

“You’re welcome.”

“I was quoting all the sheep out there who are thanking me for this empty gesture.”


Corporate healthcare is what the dims back, we are supposed to vote for them because they are not like the republicans but they are and every election we get snookered into voting for promises that turn out to be pie in the sky. Anyone is better than Trump but I would still prefer to vote for Mickey Mouse over the sleazy candidates the dims manipulated to get nominated. Biden will probably win the election but the nation will still be in dire straights. Nothing will change and the denial of universal healthcare in the platform is proof. The dims love Trump because he is an easy target . They don’t have to commit to anything . The goal is to win for the power and prestige and of course lots of money to build their wealth on the side.


Allowing specific members of your party to vote against the party’s position is an old ploy and done for various reasons. Both parties do it, and have done it forever.

Don’t you wonder why they are allowing him to vote ‘no’ on this?

As you know, but in case others don’t - (from a previous comment of mine) -

I caught a short bit of Ro Khanna (First Vice Chair of The Congressional Progressive Caucus) on the Hartmann show today (yesterday now). I heard Mr Khanna actually state that, Harris is a ‘Progressive’ and Biden is a ‘Moderate’. Most here are aware of the track records of these two so I don’t need to lay it out. But I have to wonder what Alternate Universe Khanna lives in where Harris is a ‘Progressive’ and Biden is a ‘Moderate’ with these track records.

This is what the The Congressional Progressive Caucus is now trying to Sell.

Hey Ro baby.
Show a little self respect. Stop lying. Don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining.
At least admit that Wall Street is in control and there isnt a damned thing we can do about it short of things that cannot be mentioned in public.


A national medicaid plan can begin with all prenatal care, birthing and pediatric through age 14.
About two years to install, spreadsheets, records, qualifying physicians and nurses and all the counties health care departments.

15th birthday. Hooray!!
The teen now gets to pay $10.00 per month for the same premium health care. They must WORK outside the home and earn the money. No gifts from Grandmothers or friends allowed.
At age 16, goes up to $20 / month.

skin in the game.
responsible citizens

efficient, frugal, justifies ethical, moral.
And ‘class’ disparities disappear.

“If we continue to mobilize, we can secure a vote in the House and the Senate and send a bill to Joe Biden’s desk.”
The article may have truncated the rest of Ro’s remark. Surely he would have reminded everyone that Joe already said he’d veto that bill…

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Maybe Khanna will consider replacing Harris as a CA senator.

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It’s Newsome who will decide and appoint who replaces Harris, should Harris no longer be occupying that position.

This is the key, we need toi start showing the world that a new model, one where people try to help make progress rather than the adversarial model works. Thats the private enterprise we all want, the one where it is not evil. Otherwise we really will get communism, the kind where they line the people who arent part of the in group up against a wall and shoot them. All these phonies are still phonies. Its not enough to pretend its 1990 and suggest all the things we should have done in 1990 (what bernie has been doing) we have to face reality and call out the evil and suggest what needs to be done in 2020. the other side is playing the entire country for fools. Which brings me to another point we need to stop dissing people just because they didntbenefit from the same life experiences than we do, we should try to build bridges to the people everywhere in this country, and find the common threads that unite us. Notice people by whether they are trying to unite us or not.

This is a great country despite how weve all been treated. The neoliberals who are actually one cult not two are trying to divide us by attacking our strengths.

Why does single payer work? Because everybody is equal and everybodyt is in.

Even the WTO cant challenge that. So they exempt that only that, assuming it predated the WTO. But only a very few ssystems are 100% noncommercial. The others get the death of 1000 cutes.

US, we are stuck outside because we only had a few public services in 1995 and Trump and Biden are doing their best to deregulate them fast, knowing that WTO makes ALL THOSE CHANGES LOCK IN AND HIDING IT.

They are all hiding SO MUCH any of these things would shoot down all this dishonesty.

This is why we got Coronavirus now. So that nobody could talk. There is a collusion of the global corporations and they are literally taking over the world right now as we speak.

They are fighting something beautiful that is more powerful than any greed cult.

Something that means even Senators are in and nobody is out, and nobody has to sell their home to care for their spouse or child.

They hate the idea of money not being the biggest means of excluding everybody.

They also intend to outsource the whole country’s jobs. The trap we’re falling into does that if a service sector is subsidized, thats why we have to leave GATS first, otherwise it will destroy Social Security and Medicare (Social Security is in the way of outsourcing most of the good jobs to firms in countries like India) This whole scheme is global and its being run by secretive evil right wing organizations like the Bilderberg group that have no place in any democracy. their elitism has to go.

Bernie needs to confess to having left out the most important part and take his place in our history not our present.

Truth matters.

Patricia Arnold and Terrie Reeves write a very good article in the Journal of Business Ethics on GATS and US healthcare. Its worth reading.

TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS, Tell 20 people a day about it on the ohone, not on the net, call people YOU KNOW and tell them about G.

Rediculous - I would suggest cutting the military budget (money the people pay), considering the outlandish amount that is the military budget it wouldn’t be a high percentage. Maybe a little less war will help also …

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But the jobs just arent needed. If they are public things, we committed in the AGP to put them up for international public bidding!

Thats why the Green New Deal is going to run into a brick wall. Most of the goverrnment knows that, WHY DIDn"T THEY TELL US?

because its so fake now its not even funny…

Agreement on Government Procurement, its part of the WTO. It kicks in more and more when governments buy services. See ~https://e-gpa.wto.org

So, what happens? We dont know but its not our 20 year olds getting decent jobs.

We’re all being played for fools. Why are we the last in the world to know, because everybody else is getting a payoff except for us. Why do we have to go down for the rich in the poor countries to go up (to prop up the worst governments in the world, the ones that allow their people to be raped financially) Many countries like India, still have not even finished making public primary education free. THIS IS THE WORLD THEY WANT FOR US.

Not the european world where there are public services. Dig?

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i know you will not recognize this as a worthwhile point, and you will imagine that i am working for Trump, but the extremely sad historical fact is that the Democratic Party sold out the working class and FDR’s New Deal, and adopted the Reaganite, Thatcherite, pro-corporate, looting-class ideology of neoliberalism - austerity, privatization, marketization, financialization, disinvestment in public infrastructure and social welfare, etc. - several decades ago. Ever since, the Democratic Party has been working as a tag-team with the Republican Party on this agenda.

Constructing the road to Trump was a solidly bi-partisan paving project. That makes it a very hard sales job for you, to insist to us that we owe our vote to paving crew chief Joe Biden.

Not saying there are no substantive arguments that can be marshaled that Trump is a unique danger, actively carrying out the final stages of that paving project to usher in the naked end of the US as a Constitutional democracy. But your smears of people who honesty recognize the deeply complicit role of the Democratic Party in the multi-faceted synergistic amalgam of horrific crises that we face, are not such an argument.


Its all about SURVEILLANCE. Micropayments equals tracking of people everywhere because each block they traverse is a small payment to the road vendor. Same with health, each heartbeat ismasured purportedly to price your health insurance, to make sure youre not getting healthcare youre not entited to if youre sick, since its cheaper if you are healthy.

All the positive changes we thought were permanent are quietly being rolled back, the reason officially in the WTO is to prevent discrimination against foreign corporations and their workers. Even laws against discrimination!

Its all about money. If I have as much money, as many millions as you, it shouldnt matter what country I am from (I am a corporation) Similarly if my bid is lower, I must get the job, even if I am displacing millions of hard working Americans, it doesnt matter, I am cheaper so I get it. Same with healthcare. Corporations must be treated equally nomatter where they are from. So that of course means no public healthcare, as its a trade barrier. Where is it going,[left out because its too evil], thats where it seems TISA has been going, I dont know. bt I have a very strong feeling because of news stories I read in the [left out] press about negotiations that were being held between the [left out because its based on third hand information in a foreign country’s media] and Nirmala [left out] Note [left out] is not in TISA but there are things that they want which we have - jobs they are having riots over jobs because they have a large and self entitled class that is running into a brick wall when it comes to employment. – So I will leave out most of my speculation. BUT IT NEEDS TO BE EXPLAINED> I see why bernie didnt want to tell them. He doesnt want to ruin young peoples attitudes about this country. BUT IN THIS CASE THAT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE, really almost a crime.

governments must take the cheapest bid even if its in another country, with [left out because its third hand from other contry’s media]

OK, cut the dept. of war budget 20% = 160 Billion dollars.
you still have a long way to go for American citizens having
health care for all, equal treatment.

How are you thinking of financing more?
The current worker paycheck deduction for medicare and
retirees payments to the medicare system are way shy
of what america national treasury pays now.

You forgot to notice “ETC.”
This means that the teens add $10 per month at each birthday.
They continue to pay every month using earned money.

Yes, there can be an adult max monthly payment.

I paid $200 / week, 1987 thru 2007 for 80/20 with $5,000 annual
out of pocket max., family plan. That was a lot of loot and never used by me.
I would encourage a lower amount and perhaps based on a percentage
of earnings. Legislations need to be carefully worded to avoid court involvements.

What the heck is going on here.
We are importing ladies from Phillipines, Nigeria and Poland to be live in
caretakers for great grandma.

We have a lot of great grandma’s hanging around here. I think this is a missed opportunity for
college students to work their way through. Likely have to assign 4 or 5 students to each gma. They would rotate days and shifts. Maybe some exposure to hard working, smart people will help many
become self sufficient adults.

""“If you are willing to work, somebody will hire you”""

Yeah, he decides the interim position, but I was thinking about the next election.