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Ro Khanna Applauds 19 Democrats Who Joined Him in Voting No on 'Bloated' $740 Billion Military Budget

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/29/ro-khanna-applauds-19-democrats-who-joined-him-voting-no-bloated-740-billion


“Bloated” is such a benign term for corrupt, insane, psychopathic, death wish, wall against human evolution … please feel free to add to the description.

When you see military personnel ‘retire’ into police positions … is it any wonder that the pompous one and the mustache self-eroticse and get their straws out to suck blood? to the tune of murder of citizens and refugees because ‘they can’ ???

Its wake-up time in Amnesierica.


What’s more dangerous than the Corona-virus, the US Military.


You called it when you said “death wish” although I would say suicidal. This endless intoxication and addiction with war, disgusting spending and completely irrational insane desire to dominate the rest of humanity has to stop if we are to even have the slimmest hope of survival. This is killing us and all of humanity.


“We’re spending money on the modernization of nuclear weapons. And we can’t find money to get food in to people who need it?”
—Rep. Ro Khanna

This serious, intelligent, decent human being needs to be the head of state or, at the very least, replace Pelosi.

The military budget needs to be converted into a peace budget: fund the social safety net, pass Improved M4A, green infrastructure.


The bill epitomizes American Autocracy. We’re robbed, so 0.01% of the planets’ worst oligarchs can send our kids to rob, indenture or enslave, terrorize and kill others, here and overseas; to extract raw material, labor, debt (rent) to the benefit of the very tip of our nationalized pyramid scheme.

Socialism, for the rich. Indentured serfdom for we, the peons.






And it can only become more and more depraved, as Congress continues to throw good money after bad.


China, soon to be the largest industrial power in the world, wins, by offering friendly help to the people of the world.



why no change? Ask who owns the MSM


It’s just downright Un-American what those sneaky Chinese are up to! The nerve!!!


Apparently the progressives have eaten their Wheaties (yes I know how old that makes me), Sanders in the Senate, and the 19 in the House. Again, it’s about time.


Very well said as your post is reminiscent of Eisenhower’s Chance for Peace [a/k/a Cross of Iron] April 16, 1953 speech when he noted how the United States is spending far more on ships and planes and bombs than on helping its citizens by giving them more food and providing them with jobs and spending more on schools and libraries than on ways to kill people.

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“Friendly help” is part of it, but the more significant part is that US Business oligarchy sold us out base on greed and more profit. They shipped as much manufacturing to China as they could. They sold the program as being able to make things cheaper without American labor.


1 Independent in the Senate and no Democrats - so far


It is not a “Department of Defense”; It is a “Department of Offense” with it’s 700 bases around the world and with not even a peep of a threat from our neighbors, Mexico & Canada. It’s Offense not Defense. It is nihilism.


“This serious, intelligent, decent human being…” will never be allowed the opportunity to implement progressive policy at the national level as long as he stays within the unDemocratic Party. The same applies to those others named up there.


Call it for what it is, the forbidden utterance of two words, class warfare.
Trillions for the ruling class, pittance for the people.
Trillions for war to support the captains of industry.
$600 one time payment over 6 months to support the hungry, the jobless, the homeless, the desperate.
1.5 trillion dollar tax give away to the rich.
People wake up.
It is time to fill the streets.
It is time to boycott, strike.
It is time to support local communities and each other.
It is time to stop the raping of our planet.


I think it’s mostly about supporting the economy, although military adventurism is who we are.
Actually the US military is heavily into deficit spending, a whopping 934 billion is estimated for Oct. 2020 through Sept. 30, 2021.
I believe other nations will eventually begin to refuse the US, we are to aggressive and domineering, of course we will have to be; once resources begin to decline we will have to take them in order to remain the top consumers in a world with a population of 9 billion by 2050.
Remember we are the only Nation to drop Atomic bombs on cities, we dropped Napalm on villages, invaded Iraq and left it a permanent war zone and have been waging a war in Afghanistan for 18 years without ever declaring war.
It’s big business, we maintain maintain 500 military bases around the world. Believe it or not the state known for it’s liberal politics has the most military installations, California. The military is building an airport for drones on some of the most desirable coast land in the state. LOL

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US Business oligarchy sold us out
With the enthusiastic help of most of both houses of congress and the President(s)