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Roads Melting, Deathtoll Soaring as 'Unprecedented' Heatwave Grips India


Roads Melting, Deathtoll Soaring as 'Unprecedented' Heatwave Grips India

Jon Queally, staff writer

The deathtoll related to an ongoing and "unprecedented" heatwave in India has soared to nearly 1,200 people, according to the nation's health ministry on Wednesday, with no respite for hundreds of millions of people expected until at least the weekend.


17 Texas residents have apparently been swept away when a flood took their homes off.

Just to ask, is it a different climate story when 800 mainly poor people in a developing country die, versus when American middle class families vanish and can’t be found?


My heart goes out to the people of India. In 1995 I lived through the Chicago heat wave that took the lives of over 750 people. Oppressive heat is inescapable, I took cold showers, went outside at night, walked until I found a neighborhood that still had electricity, then sought out an all night restaurant and stretched a meal for hours, nobody complained. One could feel the heat radiating from the brick buildings late into the night, it was a nightmare. I can just imagine what the poor of India must be going through, especially the old and sick.


My suspicion is that global warming has entered its next possibly deadly phase. Where I live now, in the Philippines, this year has been noticibly hotter than last year. My doctor says that heat related medical consults are way up from a year ago.

Like some of us pessimists have been saying ever since climate change entered the public discussion (to the extent to which it has), by the time it makes its presence felt sufficiently to be undeniable, it is likely to be too late to reverse it, or do much of anything about it.


I live in San Diego and this isn’t just an early weeks long arrival of June gloom. It is a result of a jet stream taking a steep dive which is also responsible for the torrential rains Texas, etc (as it meets subtropical moisture flowing up from the Gulf of Mexico.

The jet streams have been getting “stuck” in recent years in unusual configurations, resulting in things like predominant high pressure over Alaska causing record high winter temps there, while repeated incursions of arctic air have been flowing to the deep South of the mainland US.

You are correct, the weather isn’t “normal” anymore.


I think you mean $27 Trillion of fossil inventories in the ground


Please visit the web site geoengineeringwatch.org . I had questions about the weather, and what I was seeing in the skies, so I did some research. I discovered this website and found that it has a lot of information, and data on these subjects. Look in the Documents, HAARP, Patents, Photos, and Videos sections of this site. Please read the document titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025”. Educate yourself about Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG), Solar Radiation Management (SRM), HAARP, and weather derivatives. This should give you some insight into a much bigger picture. See if the skies in the Photos section look familiar. Also visit the YouTube channel: The HAARP report. This will help you understand what is going on with the jet stream, and the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” that is causing the drought in California. Indeed there are anomalous weather events happening globally that signal climate change, but there are other causes for this change that aren’t being mentioned. I encourage you to do your own research and see what you find.


That nails it.


Some sample headlines from North Carolina – " ", and this one, " ".


Yes, if the fossil fuel firms are forced to write off that $27 trillion worth of fossil fuel inventories in the ground–it will be a HUGE loss on their books.


Yes, it is entirely the fault of the fossil fuel companies. They magically create their products and then the CO2 floats into the air.

You are not using CO2 right now to read this. Because that would mean your breeding and consumer habits played a role in the changes in the environment. And that simply isn’t possible.


From the official talking points of a paid industry shill… how does it feel to protect Big Oil?


Yes, anyone who points out the obvious link between overpopulation, consumer habits and climate change is obviously being paid to do it. Hyperbole much?

Try to wrap this around your dogmatic brain. Both the corporations and people in general refuse to look at the limits to growth. Both ignore climate change and the link to overpopulation. Both sides are in a battle where the only argument is who is going to get the profits.

Well, now I can go collect my billion dollar check. Whew! That was a hard day of work.