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Rob Porter Is My Ex-Husband. Here’s What You Should Know About Abuse

Rob Porter Is My Ex-Husband. Here’s What You Should Know About Abuse.

Colbie Holderness

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that she has no reason not to believe statements that Jennifer Willoughby and I have made about our ex-husband, former White House aide Rob Porter. I actually appreciated her saying that she at least did not not believe us.


—Courageously and eloquently presented Colbie Holderness, thank you.


Trump has stated publicly several times that he believes it is best for a man to treat women horribly. He has quite vociferously advocated abuse.

Really? It’s not hard to find.


The systems set up in the world by the PTB are dependent on a stunning degree of debasement. Trump has exhibited himself as a user, debaser, denier, and is much fatter, twisted and more obnoxious than just about anyone he himself might cite.

The pattern of projecting the sordidness of his perspectives into public spheres is beyond sad - it is to manifest that poison in the lives of others - in a mindless corrosion of the civil soul of stunning proportions. He is a walking example of what happens when a life is devoid of the wealth and health of humility. I’d love to see someone ask him what he thinks it means. Come to think of it there are numerous questions like that which should be posed on a regular basis.


Ms. Holderness, I’m so sorry you went thru such a horrendous experience from one who professed to love and cherish forever. I’ve been married going on 25 years and i could never fathom inflicting pain on the woman who has given so much in return. I’ve yet to hear about your ex’s upbringing, only because this type of behavior is learned or witnessed in childhood.

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Kind of reminds me of Rapists and Banksters/Fraudsters… What is the difference? It is all clearly about power…

And this…THiS…is our President, our leader, the public face to the world of the United States of America. Good lord.

And you MAGA, Trump-ball-licking sycophantic scumbag supporters out there are responsible for the degradation of the office of the Presidency to this below-sea-level. Others have sullied it, to be sure, but you have taken it to an all-time, embarrassing, disgusting low and you cheer and giggle and absolutely revel in that lowness. You are 100% complicit in every crime this orange fuck has committed, and will commit, and for every disgusting, embarrassing, lewd, classless, rude, treasonous remark/tweet/act/action made by him. How you can stand proudly behind this piece of whale shit, eagerly kissing his huge obese ass, while he displays every single possible trait that is abhorrent and repulsive in a human being, is a testament to your own depravity and your own sure-fire future in a lake of fire.


I never said that you had to vote for Clinton. You’re absolutely correct about the Dems and Clinton.

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It’s no wonder so many women are so angry at men as a gender. Someone needs to invite Rob Porter to a meeting of the men’s boxing club and let them work him over for a while in order for him to understand what it feels to be used as a punching bag.

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"Show me one place…"
Open you’re eyes to the rest of the developed world, hell even a lot of the 3rd world.

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Myself and others here have invited Porter to give us a call, anytime.

You are missing the point: Abuse in whatever form is about power and control. It is time to take the power and control from the abusers whoever they are and however much money they have.

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Donald Trump 2005 tape: I grab women “by the pussy.”
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Let me guess, now the Trump apologists go on the attack as if these awkward Trump quotes are not all over the place and recorded…