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Robert Fisk’s Douma Report Rips Away Excuses for Air Strike on Syria

Robert Fisk’s Douma Report Rips Away Excuses for Air Strike on Syria

Jonathan Cook

It seems that many who supported the weekend’s air strikes on Syria are overlooking the significance of Robert Fisk’s report today from Douma, the site of a supposed chemical weapons attack last week.


Kudos to Robert Fisk for helping those of us in the cheap seats maintain a semblance of connection to reality amongst the distortions of war. To all the frontline genuine journalists who brave (and have braved) harms’ way, I salute you. To the chickenhawks who have so often sent so many to their early demise, I salute you too–with twenty-percent of my digits.


Certainly bombing a country under false pretense. Like the President just did to Syria. Calls for Congress to investigate. And impeachment proceedings should start immediately.


The likelihood is the US “media” sideshow and talking heads will not report on Robert Fisk’s report or coming reports & developments that put the lie to the illegal; bombing of Syria, nor will the US “opposition” party, and there will be no tweet blather on this revelation.

Robert Fisk shows what can be accomplished when truth is the intent - other reports will surely follow, and all will be ignored, questioned, undermined and claimed false for one BS reason or another. Comey is absolutely correct in his statement that trump is un-tethered to the truth…we can clearly add GB’s teresa May and France’s manny macron - they will be shown - proven - to be spineless craven sycophants and co-conspirators with the US trump war - propaganda - diversion machine!

The rush to judgment was the intent - a pre-meditated attack on phony Syrian “chemical weapons facilities”, before the truth could be established, regardless the actual brutality and war crimes of assad and all the other players - all are responsible!

The diversion was the intent; to shift focus from stormy, comey, mueller, bolton and the stinking farce of pruitt, zinke, de vos, munchkin et al…diversion from the growing disaster and increasing focus on the crimes of this corrupt incompetent, destructive trump regime!


“That new Middle East, however, would not be submissive to the United States-Israel-Saudi Arabia coalition. For that reason, we are determined to prevent it from emerging. Better to keep these countries in misery and conflict, some reason, than to allow them to thrive while they defy the United States. […]"

The death throes of unethical, manipulative, greedy, mindless, shortsighted and underhanded machinations can be violent. Having a full set of descriptives can aid in recognizing the hard edges veiled by smoke and mirrors. All of which are used as neotenizers (coined term) - tools to keep human beings as nearly neonatal as possible.

I regard this era in human history as a birthing process. If you have ever seen a live birth, the flushing of the old system as the new systems flexes muscles, breathes and the sensory exercises slowly recognize what of the old and what of the new will be contributed to life.

US policy is devoid of any sensory integrity for recognizing these aspects. It sees the flushing of the old and leaps into reactionary mode as if it did. But instead of integrity it lies, threatens, destroys with unnecessary violence and creates more danger and destruction than is anywhere near necessary. It even creates its own enemies in order to sow chaos. How sick is that!!!


The fact that both Bush and Blair belong in prison and have never been indicted for war crimes that are much worse than a small time thug like Assad, tells me the Amerikan Empire is a totalitarian, empire and a military dictatorship.

" The airstrikes on Syria, at the weekend, were patently illegal according to international law."


I believe that at one time, this was, astonishingly, simply called “journalism.”


Common Dreams used to reprint Robert Fisk’s articles for The Independent many years ago, which was one reason why I began to visit CD regularly. Then CD stopped reprinting them. I don’t know why. Fisk certainly afflicts the chickenhawks to whom you so rightly give the bird. He does seem to march to his own drummer, which may make him difficult to co-opt by anyone.

We need more Robert Fisks. And we need to read more Robert Fisk–directly, not merely by hyperlinked reference–on Common Dreams.


It must be hard for you to type ‘propaganda’ with a straight face.


Didn’t the Oscar Awards Ceremony honor a documentary about the White Helmets in 2016? It was nominated, but may have been in the Foreign category. I can’t recall if it won. Things that make you go hmmmm… Though, in fairness, some journalists and critics did raise serious reservations about the veracity of promoting the film and its producers, etc. Again, hmmm…
The depths of propaganda, and service, rendered by our so-called esteemed Hollywood Academy members is absolutely disgraceful. And, has been pointed out, in some circles, for a long while now. The word " entertainment " has been willfully abused and lost all objective meaning. So, too, with so much else we put any weight on.
The 21st Century can now be summed up by stating; with a fair bit of accuracy, false elections, false evidence, false flags, false wars, false choices, false solutions and false heroes.
Lily say it again, " no matter how cynical I get I just can’t keep up ".


Yeah, and he signed up a couple of hours ago just to be able to do it.


So in your attempt to defame Fisk, you compare him to the noted propagandist, Judith Miller.

Yet oddly, the irony of believing the version of the Douma gas attack supplied by the very people Miller lied on behalf of is lost on you.

Well, I guess everyone ends up being a liar in the end.


Good essay from Cook, another one of the small handful of real journalists out there. Thanks. We need as much reason and reality as possible in this fake-news world.

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I remember when CD used to carry Fisk’s reports as run–well times change and so does CD. Nice to see te writing of true journalist, even if it had to be filtered through Jonathan Cook.


Consumers, wage-slaves and canon fodder.
A casino mob boss slob blathering bluster and rage.
Best friends with warmongers, enemy with ordinary folk.
Evil-eyed lady friends peddling their wares and his whyles.
Expecting loyalty tribute respect, but not honor, no problem.
Your insolence, mistertrump. Your ruse is an unwise unpatriotic
unforgiveable unacceptable impeachable unendurable offense.

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This is a very good article, and it is much more believable than the MSM propaganda. For one thing, Robert Fisk has much more experience in the Middle East and a much greater understanding thereof, than all of the MSM “talking heads” combined.

Also, the middle part of this article contains, courtesy of Jeff Cohen, a “spot-on” analysis of our
real reasons for pushing for more wars and longer occupations. All of it illegal of course, but hey, we’re the “good guys”, right? (snark).

Actually, I think we are one of the “bad guys” in this farce. We have a proud 70 year tradition of being on the wrong side


Emphyrio, you nailed it!

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Damn, Wellan! That should be set to music! Good job!