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Robert Mercer Backed a Secretive Group That Worked With Facebook, Google to Target Anti-Muslim Ads at Swing Voters


Robert Mercer Backed a Secretive Group That Worked With Facebook, Google to Target Anti-Muslim Ads at Swing Voters

Robert Maguire, OpenSecrets

As the final weeks of the 2016 elections ticked down, voters in swing states like Nevada and North Carolina began seeing eerie promotional travel ads as they scrolled through their Facebook feeds or clicked through Google sites.

In one, a woman with a French accent cheerfully welcomes visitors to the “Islamic State of France,” where “under Sharia law, you can enjoy everything the Islamic State of France has to offer, as long as you follow the rules.”


Behold America, here’s you’re Russian election hacker.


Evidence that it is imperative, for human dignity to prevail, to halt this misguided movement of political correctness to call more people terrorist.

All uses of terrorist do one thing only: it further engrains our conditioning to the terrorist imprinting for the ease of killing another human being, an unnatural behavior.


Ironic, isn’t it, that the same ones having a hissy fit over Sharia law would happily impose their perverted theology on all of us, as long as the star and crescent were replaced with a cross.

I mean, what is Twitler’s urging USans to shoot people crossing our southern border but a fatwa?


I didn’t know Robert Mercer was Russian!!! He must be a deep plant from decades ago just waiting his opportunity to one day bring the orange beast to power. Boy those Russians really think ahead. (Sarcasm).


Let’s see oligarchs, election meddling, dark money, hidden bankrollers; haven’t we heard about all of this somewhere before. Because it was posted globally on Facebook, it could be considered an attempt to influence elections in Russia, or Poland, or Germany, or any number of other countries. Perhaps these oligarchs should have world sanctions leveled against them. Maybe Mercer and Zuckerberg should face indictments and have all of their assets frozen across the global financial network. Good for the Goose/Gander etc… After all this is pretty much a million times more obvious than small-time clickbait, which no-one saw, posted after the election with a Russian IP address.


Well, Trump was running a ground game in North Carolina and Nevada.

Not Hillary.

Kind of mattered far more than some Mercer garbage postings.


Russia had nothing to do with Hillary taking 7 close states that she was only slightly favored to win for granted.

It’s her work, or lack of, that won Trump the election of Nov 2016.


Aren’t we supposed to append the descriptor “Russian fossil fuel oligarch” to Robert Mercer’s name?

And this was paid advertising on Facebook? Looks like Mark Zuckerberg, “Russian tech oligarch,” has some splainin’ to do.

Oh, wait? It’s legal? Never mind.