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Robert Mueller Can’t Save Us

Robert Mueller Can’t Save Us

Quinta Jurecic

"Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is a black box."


" Ultimately, we imagine Mueller as a white knight because it’s easier than taking responsibility for confronting this presidency ourselves." (Quinta Jurecic)

Agreed !

Without responsible citizens, democracy is a sham.


“Without Responsible Citizens…”

You hit the nail on the head ManySummits.

Only, We the People can save us from this assault on all we hold dear.

Doing your part by putting recycling out once a week isn’t going to be enough to save the planet.

More is going to be required.

Much more.


He is Canadian.

Who is Canadian? There are people named “robert meuller” in Canada, but THE Robert Meuller" was born in Manhattan, in New York state. Is this more Fake News?

The first commenter - ‘manysummits’ - is Canadian. I was responding to Pony Boy’s having used the term ‘We the people’ in his response to manysummits who lives in Canada and is not a member of ‘We the people of these United States’ and should have made that distinction clear for ethics sake. I was speaking only to ponyboy. I was not referring to Mueller in any case!

Many of us ARE “Taking responsibility for confronting this presidency.” For example, the public, nationwide marches on Saturday, January 21, 2017 are reliably reported to have been the largest public demonstration of all time in the United States! Further, we citizens have a REPRESENTATIVE government, and so you and I have no authority (much less the collective mountains of cash) to individually sue for removal of this poseur in the White House.

I do agree with your assertion about “…responsible citizens.” In more detail, that Republicans hold “beliefs,” while Democrats engage in “reason.” One simple accepts what they’re told or accept from authority figures (which is how Fake News gets its’ foothold); the other asks questions about those assertions and seeks to find supporting evidence before accepting (or rejecting) the premise. In my County, Republicans universally vote the way their TOLD to vote by their “leaders” (in both church and state roles), while Democrats ask questions and verify whether proffered answers–when subjected to confirmation–are truth or lies. IOW, Democrats exhibit the behaviors of “responsible citizens,” while Republicans take the lazy way of simply accepting unverified information–because they trust the source–without seeking verification of any sort.


Thanks for the clarification.

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This former oil geologist certainly has a right to say whatever he likes but he does not have the right to pose as an American citizen. It is easy to tell others what they should and shouldn’t do when it is technically none of your business but just the same, we welcome foreign input if honestly delivered. I know it is not a big deal really but I notice that you responded to him as if he was an American living under Trump with our representative government etc. You said “we citizens” which is incorrect. You and I and ponyboy have to live with our government such as it is because we as citizens are responsible but only in part. 300 million other citizens have a stake in our current political circumstances.

Ethics matter especially when implying responsibility in others. There are poseurs in many places, generally they try to manipulate others. Trolls and poseurs can say what they wish but the term “We the people” actually has real meaning for many in this country during these trying times.

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The forces that gave us Trump are those that shoved the war criminal, grifting, neoliberal liar Hillary down the throats of the Democratic party. Bernie would have slaughtered the orange buffoon. Now we just need to play effective defense until Bernie can be elected in 2020.

And pursuing Trump over “collusion with Russia” in interfering in the election is a farce to begin with because Russia never interfered. That whole narrative is a hoax comparable to Saddam’s WMDs. The evidence for this is readily available, but the mainstream media pointedly ignore it.


This whole episode, in which DEMOCRATS are leading the neo-McCarthyite charge, is one of the most disgraceful in the history of our country and our media. And the way in which it has simply been PRESUMED, in the absence of any compelling evidence whatever, that the Trump campaign was “colluding” with the Russian government - simply because Hillary suggested it - is virtually psychotic. Dumping on Trump for INANE reasons - as opposed to the numerous REAL reasons to deplore him - is only likely to make Trump more popular with the public. I am simply overwhelmed with disgust.


She’s right! Mueller will not save us. We ultimately will save ourselves. Or not.


So what? We are all citizens of the world.


The phrase is “We the people of the United States…”

I, for one, enjoy and respect manysummits contributions here, as well as yours, Wereflea. The intensification of negative climate impacts, made worse by the denialists in this administration, will not be confined to our national borders. Neither will the radiation released by a possible nuclear exchange. I think, therefore, that the views of others, especially Canada and Mexico, are legitimate and welcome contributions.

Also, I think nation-states have outlived their usefulness!


Did you read my comment? I expressed a similar view on contributions from non citizens. However I hold the words to the Preamble to the Constitution to be significant in both a cultural and legal standing. I have no problem with anyone saying whatever they like … um …wait I said that already. In any case, I do have a problem with poseurs who like to comment as if they were Americans who pay taxes and participate in local community etc… say what you want but don’t say it as if you were an American because others assume that you are what you are not.

I did read your comment. I always read your comments and appreciate them. I get what you are saying. Manysummits has mentioned the fact that he lives in Canada several times, so I don’t think he’s trying to pose as anything. At any rate, I apologize if I offended you. I firmly believe that sincere and intelligent viewpoints from anywhere outside the U.S. are critical right now, as I have questions about the judgement of the American people in general.


You keep saying that even when I did not disagree with you about welcoming ethical input from anywhere. It is the nature of comment sections where the audience changes daily and new people come and go and where not everyone reads every comment etc… that regardless of someone saying something on one day, that doesn’t cover their not making the same thing clear on another day. It is a small thing but more than one person has posed as being an American and talk as if they were one. That is not ethical. Generally it is an attempt to manipulate (trolls) or it is an attempt to ingratiate falsely (posers). It behooves a visitor who is commenting on another person’s country to make it clear that they are not from that country.

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Excellent writing from Ms. Jurecic. Comes from clear thinking.

And, even if Mueller reports actionable findings to his superiors, any decision to proceed will be in the hands of the controlling party’s chairmanships.

What might save us is for more Senators (and generals, admirals, governors, and reps) that are not so completely jaded and warped by a life lived in the corrupt system of American politics to come to their senses and admit, like Corker, that Donald J. Trump poses grave and unnecessary risks to the safety and security of the American people. That the belligerent, ill-advised, and erratic behavior of this individual threatens destructive conflict as a matter of choice, and not of self-defense. Admit that this person - Donald Trump - is singularly unfit to serve as the Chief Executive of the US.

Long shot, and that’s sorry commentary. But, I’m not counting on Mueller either.


I do not often agree with Trump but from my perspective, even if the Russians hacked the election it would not have mattered if they had nominated Bernie instead of HRC. The Russians did not elect Trump, the corrupt DNC elected Trump!


I agree with you about the Russian collusion hoax story. But what makes you think Bernie will run in 2020? And supposing he does, what makes you think the DNC would not give him the shaft as they did in 2016? I personally doubt he will run. If he does, he should run as an independent, leading a genuinely progressive third party. There is an effort to draft him to do this, but I doubt he will.

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