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Robert Mueller Can’t Save Us

Did you read my comment? I expressed a similar view on contributions from non citizens. However I hold the words to the Preamble to the Constitution to be significant in both a cultural and legal standing. I have no problem with anyone saying whatever they like … um …wait I said that already. In any case, I do have a problem with poseurs who like to comment as if they were Americans who pay taxes and participate in local community etc… say what you want but don’t say it as if you were an American because others assume that you are what you are not.

I did read your comment. I always read your comments and appreciate them. I get what you are saying. Manysummits has mentioned the fact that he lives in Canada several times, so I don’t think he’s trying to pose as anything. At any rate, I apologize if I offended you. I firmly believe that sincere and intelligent viewpoints from anywhere outside the U.S. are critical right now, as I have questions about the judgement of the American people in general.


You keep saying that even when I did not disagree with you about welcoming ethical input from anywhere. It is the nature of comment sections where the audience changes daily and new people come and go and where not everyone reads every comment etc… that regardless of someone saying something on one day, that doesn’t cover their not making the same thing clear on another day. It is a small thing but more than one person has posed as being an American and talk as if they were one. That is not ethical. Generally it is an attempt to manipulate (trolls) or it is an attempt to ingratiate falsely (posers). It behooves a visitor who is commenting on another person’s country to make it clear that they are not from that country.

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Excellent writing from Ms. Jurecic. Comes from clear thinking.

And, even if Mueller reports actionable findings to his superiors, any decision to proceed will be in the hands of the controlling party’s chairmanships.

What might save us is for more Senators (and generals, admirals, governors, and reps) that are not so completely jaded and warped by a life lived in the corrupt system of American politics to come to their senses and admit, like Corker, that Donald J. Trump poses grave and unnecessary risks to the safety and security of the American people. That the belligerent, ill-advised, and erratic behavior of this individual threatens destructive conflict as a matter of choice, and not of self-defense. Admit that this person - Donald Trump - is singularly unfit to serve as the Chief Executive of the US.

Long shot, and that’s sorry commentary. But, I’m not counting on Mueller either.


I do not often agree with Trump but from my perspective, even if the Russians hacked the election it would not have mattered if they had nominated Bernie instead of HRC. The Russians did not elect Trump, the corrupt DNC elected Trump!


I agree with you about the Russian collusion hoax story. But what makes you think Bernie will run in 2020? And supposing he does, what makes you think the DNC would not give him the shaft as they did in 2016? I personally doubt he will run. If he does, he should run as an independent, leading a genuinely progressive third party. There is an effort to draft him to do this, but I doubt he will.

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What Trump revealed is that we have a deep division in this country that we did not previously fully appreciated. In fact, the election of Obama may have led us to dismiss this division an relegate to our somewhat less than glorious past. The division is between those who think is is a country for white Christians and those who think it is a country for all types of people. Trump represents the former group and Obama, the Clintons, Sanders, etc. represent the latter group. A reading of the US Constitution is compatible with the latter group when all the amendments are included. It is unclear at this point whether Trump in any way cooperated with Russia to influence the election. What does seem clear is that Russia did try to influence the election in a number of ways. The way that has been revealed is having phone Facebook and Twitter accounts and buying social media ads favoring Trump. While Mueller may not be able to save important institutions being damaged by white supremacists like Trump an independent independent investigator appointed by Congress would have a better chance. But here we are up against the Republicans who seem to still fear Trump when it comes election time and who apparently put their party above the interests of their country. Right now things are a mess and it is hard to see how they can get back on track.

I disagree with the article and the comment.

This POTUS is a real and present danger to every living thing on our planet.

It is fine to think deeply about why Americans voted as they voted. Over coffee. At a Starbucks. As if you could ever understand and as if you could ever alter the fact.

But that does not solve the DEFCON 1 threat now occupying the American white house.

We need to walk and chew gum on this one.

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The Democratic establishment was only able to beat Bernie the first time
because he started out with low visibility and name recognition, and the
DNC and media colluded to keep him hidden. Now he is consistently ranked
as the most popular politician in America - and he is the most popular
among Black Americans, who supposedly were his Achilles heel last time. I
don’t think he’s stoppable if he makes another run - and from the way he is
effectively serving as the Democratic party spokesman these days in
countering the Trump/Republican agenda - and giving a major foreign policy
speech - I’m confident that he will.


I reread the comment from “manysummits”. s/he did not claim to be a US citizen.

I see hir comment quoted above as applicable to any democracy. 'manysummits" also did not quote the “We the people” phrase that riled you up so much. That was done by “PonyBoy”. Freedom of speech is not limited to US citizens. Do you think that anyone commenting on US political/social affairs must disclose their citizenship status?



Right. If Don’s benighted party doesn’t do it…

Why would we look for anything positive from a gung-ho Vietnam vet who was appointed by W to lead the FBI in immoral post-911 detention of Muslims?

Trump may be, for good reason, the least popular POTUS of my long lifetime, but that’s no reason for supporting a witch hunt against Russians. Our electoral system is broken for more obvious reasons:

  • Unfair campaign funding;
  • Biased mainstream media: &
  • Lack of transparency in tallying votes.

Who the hell sees a Republican corporate-bootlicker like Robert Mueller as a “deity” or “savior?”


In my response to another who misunderstood my post to ponyboy (I can’t see how you could have missed the sequence) I said that I was saying it only to ponyboy. You should read the exchange of posts and perhaps that would clarify the issue for you. I was not attempting to create a geographical justification for censorship and said so. Apparently nuance and conceptual distinctions are being ignored by yourself and others in favor of creating a more simplistic criteria for qualifying the statement. My issue is those who seek to pose as or pass themselves off as Americans in a discussion for various reasons. No one cares about what they say nor seeks to censor it. The issue I raised was only the impression that is being conveyed that are speaking as if they were Americans when they are not fellow members of “We the people of the United States”

Nevertheless you are ignoring that I spoke to ponyboy and later to someone else who also misunderstood. I did not say manysummits said ‘we the people’ however that was implicit because it was said by others that were quoted. If you are not an American then say what you wish but please try not to fake people out by leaving the impression that you are one of us! That constitutes manipulation not free speech!

You need to read the sequence of responses especially where it showed that I was speaking to ponyboy.

I keep wondering if the title of this article would more properly be written as >>> Robert Mueller can’t save us in time! I for one hope that Mr. Mueller will stand up for our laws and the traditions/ethics that are inspired by those laws among those in power.

Save us? Maybe he just might … but not in time…not soon enough…for that it needs us just as she says. But in the long run, we need more than just our efforts now… we need adherence to the law by our most powerful politicians in years to come! Lawbreakers/politicians shouldn’t be allowed to skirt our laws.

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“But another way to describe the deep state is as a network of institutions staffed by devoted public servants.”

I enjoyed this article and agreed with most of it, but not this throwaway dismissal of the deep state, which is, considered collectively, an important player in the current political dynamic.

Beneath the theater playing out on CNN et al there is a genuine battle going on, and one that has important implications for US foreign policy.

I agree. Until and unless he bolts the party to run for President in 2020, Bernie Sanders is finished as a force for genuinely progressive change.

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Disagree. It’s too early to count Sanders out.

He is astute, canny and pragmatic. He is STILL the most popular politician in America, by a long ways. During the Gingrich years (!) he was called the Amendment King because he got so much legislation through.

He fails when his support dries up. We should not give up after one defeat. The stakes are too high. Personally, I will work just as hard for Sanders in 2019/20. We need him.

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“Who sees Mueller as … a savior?”

The Hillary people do. They still think Mueller’s report will lead to Trump’s impeachment.

I’m guessing there will be more dirt on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Democrats trusting in Mueller are being foolish.

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MH, I’m not a Bernie hater. Imo, he did a lot of good in bringing issues to the fore and helping some people hold onto some hope. The visibility he’s got in the recent past and in the present will help people “get” the issues. I agree that he won’t run again. Campaigning is damn hard work, and with all due respect to the energy he puts in, in 3+ years, his age may dictate his choices.

(I stubbornly hold to a notion he was threatened and coerced to cave in and cede to that woman. Her I do hate, and I occasionally wonder what she would have wrought on us. She’s not the loose cannon Dumptard is…but hell, when even the Dems admit she’s a hawk …) Eh, I have no use for the duopoly anymore.