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Robert Reich: Five Reasons the GOP Tax Plan Is a Cruel Joke


Robert Reich: Five Reasons the GOP Tax Plan Is a Cruel Joke

Robert Reich

The evidence is overwhelming — trickle-down economics simply doesn't work.


----------When will we focus on the DEMAND SIDE? Instead of hoping money trickles down we need to make sure it gets there by skipping the tax cuts for the wealthy. They win either way. If people have money to spendthey will buy the products and services made by corporations. I would bet that demand sided trickle up economics would work.


Grover Norquist should have been drowned in a bathtub when he was born.


Correct Robert Reich: Tinkled On Economics was debunked after Reagan had to steal more from the 99% to pay for his tax cuts to the wealthy. He did it by increasing the SSI & Medicare withholdings of people who don’t make more than about $100K at the time. Class warfare plain and simple.

Tax cuts = less money changing hands = less government spending at LIVING WAGE levels = more inequality.

Tax the rich more = money to pay bills instead of incurring debt that has interest penalties
Tax the rich more = more government spending on infrastructure with LESS BORROWING & no extra debt
Tax the rich more = more LIVING WAGE jobs making our commons more valuable and consuming resources to the betterment of everyone, not just the rich improving their own conditions off the plates of everyone else’s kids.
Tax the rich more = less INEQUALITY = a greater sense of common purpose, which should improve our collective togetherness and unity.


Experts continue to support temporal policy changes and political advertising while they profit from book sales and speaking fees. When will someone suggest a party of voter/investors changing key industries such as healthcare through hostile takeovers salary caps and tax shelters? Party members retirement accounts would see the dividends while all would enjoy an improved economy. Maybe if no money was spent on advertising and debates were held on college campuses, we would break through the media controlled narrative stream. I would love a response from Mr. Reich. How about it?