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Robert Reich Says Elizabeth Warren Should Challenge Hillary Clinton


Robert Reich Says Elizabeth Warren Should Challenge Hillary Clinton

John Nichols

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich says Hillary Clinton should face "a tough primary challenger" and he knows who he would like to see mount a run against the presumed Democratic frontrunner.


“I’ve been getting lots of calls from reporters wanting to know if Democrats should have a ‘plan B’ if Hillary’s candidacy implodes.”

Dang! How about a media that questioned why it is that Americans are being subjected to rule by 2 wholly compromised dynastic families. Clinton or Bush, coke or pepsi. NOTHING natural or healthy served up here!

Just look at the track record!

How many dead, damaged or deranged soldiers, the product of ELECTED foreign wars?

How big the U.S. trade deficit?

What is the state of the natural world after mountains denuded of all life across West Virginia, and the state of the water table out west and in mid-west states already fracked to the ecological breaking point?

What is the state of U.S prisons … incarcerating 2.2 million.

How many nations bombed, droned, or impaled into compliance with the MIC-corporate driven agenda of Wall St. elites?

Why are so many people obese, impoverished, depressed, or fighting Cancer, Diabetes, and Autism?

These families should be HUNG or hung out to dry. Enough already with the heir to the British throne’s colonial empire doing its own version of "The Royal Show. "

It stinks!


Time for a semantics lesson:

No one who supports unnecessary foreign wars or the interests of Big Banks, Big Insurance, Big Agriculture, and/or Big Retail is ON the Left, or a Progressive, OR a friend of the Left.


I could just hear Hillary’s reaction to Reichs little slip.
“Bill, I told you we should have tied a cinder block to that smarmy little shits foot and tossed him in the Whitwater swamp when we had the chance!”

Just remember all you folks out there in TV land, Hillary has proven to be the worst kind of sociopath. There is no atrocity this woman will not commit in order to get her way. In 2008 it took the combined efforts of all the Democrats that despise the Clintons and the full force of the corporate conservative media to defeat her in the primaries. Hell, the democrats went so far as to nominate a black guy just because they so loathed Hillary.
But now it looks like there is nobody willing to put their political (and literal) life on the line to challenge her. I beleive you are seeing the rise of the Clintons again, and just like at the end of “the godfather” all debts are about to be paid, and anyone that stood in the Clintons way in 2008 will be placed on a pike along the Appian way. Hillary will march on a road of bones to the democratic convention. She will sit atop a pile of skulls, and all those who don’t swear blood allegence to the cause will be gutted like fish and strangled with their own entrials.


The Bush and Clinton family is not hurting for anything they wish.
Their prosperity will be here for centuries to come.
None of their children or children’s children will have to worry about
a job , rights or freedom , wealth or power.
The elite has created a dynasty which they hope will last forever.
We have been screwed by them all…

The elite , news media and everyone else will join together to make
sure a person as Elisabeth Warren will never get that position.

Elisabeth Warren is not afraid of any of these AH’s


Excellent post. One of your best.

The line quoted above should read “These families should be HANGED or hung out to dry.”

Good job.



“I wish that challenger would be Elizabeth Warren,” Reich explained Friday

Explained? Is there anything in this piece that actually requires explanation?

We have the standard issue Dem flack (Nichols) writing about the opinion of the biggest backer of NAFTA about the candidacy of the-big-banks-dont-do-enough-to-support-israels-slaughter-of-children Warren.

I’ll give Warren the same credit that I’ve always given her. She’s one of the few national political figures talking about the goddamned banks. However, her willingness to triangulate is distressing.



Elizabeth Warren’s stand against the Too Big To Fail Banks was impressive and courageous. But, her demonization of Iran and apologist position on Israel’s illegal settlements should raise red flags for anyone who might seriously consider her for president in 2016.

We need a truly Anti-War Candidate who will stand against the Bipartisan War Machine. Jill Stein is far more impressive, but can she lead a coalition of grass roots anti-war populists against the bipartisan machine? The Rand Paul libertarians pose as “anti-interventionist” but they would continue the destruction of civil government started by Ronald Reagan’s libertarian “outsourcing, privatization and deregulation.”

“No state” equals “the corporate state.” Republican libertarianism is a Trojan Horse for theocratic fascism.
Google - Greenwald and “Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu”


After all these years SETI finally discerned a message. But it was just a false alarm; not intelligent, just gibberish after all.

John Nichols is like the peanut vendor that wouldn’t have a job if the circus wasn’t in town.


If we are going to have Elizabeth Warren, I would much rather have her for 15 to 20 years as the head of the banking committee than 4 to 8 years as the president. Once you go beyond her financial populism, she’s still not much different than your typical democrat, pro pentagon, pro homeland insecurity, pro war and pro Israel. Israel, whose foreign policy is nothing more than to build one of the world’s most powerful military’s using amerikan taxpayer money and to use it against countries and people who are not lucky enough to have the best military equipment that amerikan taxpayer money can buy! They also use amerikan politicians to do the nasty work that Israel doesn’t want to do,namely throw it’s military against militaries that could give the IDF a real fight and are not right near their boarders making it hard to supply their fighters That’s Israel’s foreign policy in a nutshell, get amerikan presidents to pay for it or get amerika to spend it’s own blood and more of it’s treasure to do what Israel wants! It’s way past time for the US to have a loyal american as president and not a loyal Israeli sympathizer!


And your alternative?


Warren - a hippie, socialist, radical? Sorta like O is?


Bob - “,as an ardent advocate for a progressive populist response to the crisis of income inequality”, you oughta be supporting Jill Stein …


Note, if one reads this carefully, one may see that Reich is not actually endorsing Warren as the Dem nominee, but only as a challenger to Hillary in the primary - he says Hillary is unlikely to implode and that she would make a strong candidate, having been through this before - his wish seems to be to make her a better candidate by subjecting her to a challenge … he expresses no hope nor expectation that such a challenge would succeed in actually unseating her … rather weaselly of him, if you ask me - the way he words it, quite carefully, is that he comes out “clean” no matter what happens … wait and see what he does if Warren actually mounts a challenge - my prediction - he would not endorse either one in the primary …

And, in any case, who the hell cares who is the Dem nominee - all comes out to basically the same - a duopoly clone … But it is fun to watch these guys play what they think is a “clever” game … more popcorn, please …


Brilliant comment Siouxrose. I find you insight similar to the innocent and clear sighted remark from a little boy in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, “But he hasn’t got anything on.” Indeed, we need to stop repeating, accepting, and trusting the fairy tale of Patriarchy, and see reality as it is, including the whole truth.

 As much as we would like to see a Warren presidency, putting all of our eggs into that basket would simply enable the Clinton machine to use it as a stalking horse. Any serious effort at regime change would have to begin with the kind of organizing, around generally agreed-on issues the Right has so successfully done.
 What is need NOW is not shilling for Hillary the Horrible but leadership to try to get all of the really progressive organizations, along with their members, to form a grand coalition to create a strong voting block, or at least one that cannot be coldly ignored. uch a block could not only be influential in presidential politics but could also become an enduring and strong factor in congressional, and even local, politics.
 But where is the leadership? Where is the person to reach out to these organizations to try to get them to work together for real change. We cannot compete with the billion dollar Clinton money machine but we should have the people. The alternative is to continue along the obviously failing path we have been following. It is a sad but inescapable truth that a Nixon, in terms of positive accomplishments, would be an improvement over either Clinton or Obama. 

“You don’t toss away dirty water when you don’t have any that’s clean” – German Chancellor Adenauer, 1949–, when criticized for hiring ex-Nazi officials –


Doesn’t Reich his posting to be read by Americans who decline to be
snooped on by Facebook? He could achieve that by posting his article
on an ordinary web site.

See stallman.org/facebook.html for reasons not to be a used of Facebook.