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Robin Hood in Reverse: Climate Change Takes from Poor, Gives to Rich



Climate change. global warming, axis shift, call it what ever you want but know this: the earth has been through 5 extinctions that we know of and we are in the 6th. Humans was not the cause of the other five and I find it vanity to suggest we are the SOLE cause of the 6th. Something is going on with the magnetic shield of the planet.


Climate Change aside, the rich/powerful nations have always exploited "poor" nations and stolen their natural resources - what they didn't steal they polluted.
Take the Niger Delta stripped and polluted by Royal Dutch Shell, that also was complicit to the assassination of internationally respected Ken Saro-Wiwa, local Ogoni activist. The list of such thefts and murders is very long and continues to this day!

From factory trawlers illegally fishing their waters, dumping toxic/radioactive waste, massive oil spills, illegal logging, gold mining pollution....on and on and on.......

Two semi-related pieces of great interest to me, I hope they are to you as well..



Any advantage is temporary and just how temporary humanity is experiencing. If Guy McPherson is right, it will be game over in less than 20 years.


All externalized costs of production in so-called "free markets" especially the environmental ones, get paid by the poor. It wouldn't be capitalism without it.



Ever heard of this thing called "science"?


This is an example of a person who was educated in the absence of science education and critical thinking.


This is different. Just imagine what would be happening if the reverse were occurring.


Yeah, except for his is time scale is...self admittedly probably wrong.


Real costs are externalized and not reflected in the present cost of goods.


Well...one thing Sarah Palin was right about is... How's that hopey/feely thing work'in out for ya?