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Robin Hood in Reverse: How Hotter Planet Takes from Poor, Gives to Rich



Why isn't Africa bristling with solar panels everywhere that there are people? Impoverished countries in arid areas could have virtually free electricity and even export it.

It won't just be the poor down south that will lose productivity and opportunity as the planet warms. That is linear thinking. How about places like Florida suffering from Tse fly and Dengue fever? Seaside resort towns plagued by ocean dead zones and red tides or permanent closure of beaches due to jellyfish swarms. Why go south to Florida and 120 F temperatures when the winter climate in Virginia is a balmy 85 F and the Chesapeake is being called New Miami.

How would 125F affect NYC as the economic capital of the world?

How hot is hot along the Gulf coast in summer in twenty years? In thirty?

How hot is hot when it is too hot to grow corn in the corn belt and the aquifer is dry?


In 2010 there was a series of ROBINHOOD TAX spoof/info videos á la The Yes Men with contributed performances by some of the best actors in film that should be revivEd and shared around the world.

Satire at darn near its best for FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX

Link to the series for your viewing edification

... JUST SAY YES !!!

and just a reminder: WORLD BANKER MAKES STUNNING CONFESSION at Stanford University 2011


From two months ago - interview with Austrian director Hubert Sauper and his new documentary, "We Come as Friends," - a chilling study of the pathology of colonialism


Some places may eventually cool as the airstreams go wonky.

But yeah, too bad Africa isn't "bristling with solar panels." :O) Instead, parts of it are exploding under bombs. Gotta keep the MIC going, apparently until possibly the end of our time here.


It is just so damn F'd up that solutions are out there and at least in the case of solar panels are inexpensive to set up and make profitable in places like the Sahara. Africa gets plenty of sun and low energy costs should encourage factories to take advantage of it, which creates industrialized jobs etc.

All these aid groups should concentrate on getting Africans to see the light... light generated by solar panels in every hamlet and village that is.


Too humane and sensible.


I read this source and my impression is that anyone from a highly developed economy that requires smooth sailing to function is in equal jeopardy with those who plant and hope they produce both food and next year's seed.

Did I miss something? Do the rich escape entropy? I don't think so.


"The benefits of action on mitigation are much greater than we thought, because the costs of inaction are much greater than we thought"

Benefits? ... you mean like not killing ourselves off?... It seems "they" are always referring to the consequences in terms of money.... well, I guess... they should worry, those "wealthy" countries... it did say they would loose wealth too... so ... when those at the bottom half... are REALLY HURTING.... I think they will be looking for someone to "pay" for that....


Thank you...


You are wrong. We liberated the Libyan people for democracy, just like we liberated the Iraqis. We are still liberating the Afghan people and are hell bent to liberate Syria as well. Oh, I forgot Yemen. Yemen is being liberated by us via Saudi Arabia.


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