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'Robin Hood in Reverse': Sanders Blasts GOP Budget Ahead of Key Senate Vote

'Robin Hood in Reverse': Sanders Blasts GOP Budget Ahead of Key Senate Vote

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Republican budget blueprint, writes the Vermont senator, is little more than a "gift to billionaires"


Fire all the politicians and adopt direct online democracy or continue trying to save a rigged system?

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Natureboy, well said.

I would only refine the ending; “or continue trying to (unknowingly) save a rigged (dual-party Vichy EMPIRE) system”.

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"We have a corrupt campaign finance system that enables multi-billionaires, along with some of the most powerful CEOs in America, to contribute many hundreds of millions of dollars to elect Republican candidates to represent their views."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders

Sadly, what we all have to keep in mind as we read Sanders’
challenges to the GOP, is that he’s pretty much a voice in the
wilderness within the Democratic Party.

Occasionally, we hear a chirp or two from them, but the chirps
fade away very quickly.

Both parties are complicit in the crimes being committed against
the people and they are doing it for the profit of the 1% who
control them, own their parties, our government and its agencies.

Americans are harmed both ways – by cuts which damage the
needy and vulnerable among us – and by DEBT which enslaves
every American to it. Puerto Rico is but one recent example of
how debt is used to destroy a country and its people.


Why does my country want to kill me?


Bernie Sanders represents real change, even if his focus may not go all the wary or vocally at the moment encompass all the issues some demand - there are a lot of denegrators who have never walked a mile in the moccasins of a true leader!

As far as the establishment corporate-whore DLC Dem wing of quislings and sellouts goes, especially re Universal Single-Payer, and that includes the current failed craven “leadership” of Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton clones like Maloney, and many, many others! Silence equals complicity!

Bernie Sander IS the People’s President!

"'In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Dr Martin Luther King Jr


Irrespective of which party controls Congress or occupied the White House, “Robin Hood in reverse” has been the rule, not the exception, ever since Saint Ron’s revolution started nearly four decades ago.


Emphyrio –

Seems the more the people make clear their demands for National Health
Care – Medicare for All – the more we see “events” like Las Vegas.
And new insanities by Trump of the world threatening kind but also against
the most needy among us.

Uh, if a tree falls but no one listens, is that silence? Not a single Democrat is signing on to this garbage, none voted for it in the House. Pretty much the only people on cable are Republicans and more Republicans, when the news isn’t outright nonsense. Bernie gets television because he ran a primary against Clinton, someone the cool kids in media have always hated. He gets carried because he occasionally bashes Democrats. The minute he’s actually successful at anything, or close to it, they’ll put him back in the box too.

Yeah, I’m cynical and maybe my comment overly reflects that. But these comments acting as if the Democrats have anywhere close to the microphone that Republicans have are laughable. They’ve got am radio and a “news” network that pulls everything along with it. The Democrats have CSPAN prior to a vote, if debate is permitted in the House. And they have us parsing them online even though even the most conservative Democrats aren’t signing on to these atrocities.

Which raises the question, would we even need political parties in a direct democracy?

Fire all politicians? Too bad the system is so rigged, that it looks impossible unless the majority of the American people decide that they have had enough!


" Bernie Sanders IS the People’s President! "

That is exactly why Bernie was not allowed the democratic nomination for POTUS, because Bernie would have annihilated Trump!


A short history of our problem is that Democrats elected Barrack Obama as president for two terms. He was a relative outsider and he broke the race barrier on the White House. The Democratic Party became the party of diversity. In 2016, a party insider Hillary Clinton was nominated to run for president despite the stigma of Bill’s extra marital affairs as president. The Democratic Party needs to remain the party of diversity in stark contrast to Trump’s blatant racism and sexism. What studies have been showing us for decades is tax cuts, breaks and loopholes for the rich and super rich only gets put away in offshore tax evasion bank accounts or put into tax shelters such as offshore shell corporations. Trump is an example of our wealthy decadence, earning $3.5 billion last year and paying no taxes. This supply side trickle down has proven for decades to lead to stagnant economies, with the rich monopolizing the wealth. If Republicans are still going to be reciting the old supply side trickle down dogma in 2017, they need to be called liars. Studies clearly shows that tax cuts for the middle and working classes invariably leads to economic growth because the money is invariably spent in America. Or saved in America in American banks that invest in America.


So why aren’t the Democrat elites calling the Republicans out about this? This is why I have given up on the Dems. They never fight back and I believe it is because their corporate masters want it that way.


I think we will stat to see in the next few years is more emigration from the US to western Europe and other more politically and social stable countries. This is looking more and more of a remake of that great world historical era of the 1930’s.


Remember, "ask not what your country can do for you…

My eye doctor is actually advising his sons to move to Canada. Then we have young people attending college in Germany. The young do not see our country improving. That is why they turned out for Sanders. He gave them hope, but the DNC and Clinton told them to get lost. If I weren’t an old lady I would move too.

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“So why aren’t the Democrat elites calling the Republicans out about this?” Because the Republicans got control of the House in 2014 and the Senate in 2016. Then now they have control of Congress. I regard this as a huge misread of the Democrat elites about the 2016 election. Clinton was a Democrat insider, whereas Obama was an outsider. They needed a non white non insider to keep going in the same direction. They didn’t.

Read my comment above. When the other side has an entire radio spectrum and its own cable network, it’s pretty easy to get drown out, especially when the media only cares about nonsense. Yet, not a single Democrat signed onto the House budget resolution and none are signing on in the Senate, including those most under threat in 2018. Give them some credit. Some facing tough fights may not be in office long for being too progressive for their districts and states.

Yes State Senate leader Kevin de Leon will be taking on Feinstein—2018 is going to be an interesting year. And Calif has an open primary system—these two can face off in the general election.

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