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'Robin Hood in Reverse': Sanders Blasts GOP Budget Ahead of Key Senate Vote

The only elections for president that the Democrats have won since 1980 were won by two of the best campaigners in modern history, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. These type of people have a gift and are rare. The Democrats this last time around did not have any such people available. Hillary Clinton is not a great campaigner. And Bernie Sanders is also limited as a campaigner. He can only do speeches. He can’t mix with crowds effectively, Based on what we now know it appears to me that Russia may have been the difference. Their social media campaign using phony accounts may have made the difference in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Those are blue states yet Trump won them. Clinton’s biggest problem was probably that she was a woman. The bias against women is really hard to overcome. Running a woman for president was really risky for the Democrats but the voters selected her in the primaries.

I hope people are paying attention because everything that is happening revolves around these tax cuts. Republican donors are saying they will cut funding if the tax cuts don’t pass. Trump is courting three democrats. The corporate media is playing to the hilt that republicans can’t pass anything<there is a reason behind this------tax cuts for the rich! There is a game going on here----make everyone think these tax cuts won’t pass------THIS IS THE BIG ENCHILADA ! The elite want these tax cuts ----look at Bannon out there threatening primary challenges if they don’t pass Trumps agenda-----The rich elite thieves want to steal more from the common people-------SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

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In 2016 I voted for Bernie in the primaries, not the party insider Hillary Clinton. But in the general election I voted for Hillary because I knew Trump would be horrific. So that brings us to realization we have Trump as a horrific president, perhaps the worst ever. My hope for the future is Trump gets impeached or otherwise there will be a huge backlash against Trump and Trump supporters. Trump legislators need to be voted out of office in 2018 and Trump needs to be voted out of office in 2020. To do that Democrats need to actually show up at the ballot boxes to vote instead of being apathetic about voting, as they were in 2016.

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