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Robot Generals

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/25/robot-generals

Oh man, this has to be one of those unintended consequences of living in a debilitated state on a ravaged planet. Unable to to commit to actual warfare in a disabled state and unable to learn to live without it, redefine proxy war.

I don’t know, I think we need to bring back spanking and stop playing with robots.

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Spanking caused this in the first place …

It just emphasises the fact that using violence to stop unwanted behaviour causes yet more violence .Highly Evolved Beings do not practice violence of any kind,be it physically, verbal or emotional.

Human beings are the toddlers of the universe, making slow progress in our evolutionary journey.

Ending violence is the first step we must make.

How many evolved beings do you know, how many are in positions of authority? I’m going to need some evidence that your plan will work or has ever worked. Citation please.

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Colossus: The Forbin Project Highly recommended. A 1970 film starring Eric Braeden & Susan Clark. Mankind builds a computer for the Pentagon. Consternation ensues.

Your comment is spot on. Humans have advanced technologically, but as a species, we are the same sorry lot seen dancing around the Golden Calf. Every deadly sin imaginable is on display, especially in our “leaders”. This is not to say that good people have not existed throughout history. It IS to say that the good will suffer at the hands of the bad just as always, and what was inherent in humanity in biblical times is still inherent in humanity today. If Jesus himself were to return to earth he would be denounced as a libtard to shouts of “Lock him up.”

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Well said. We have some good points that should not be overlooked but yes we have some obstacles to overcome.

Something to ponder .

The first guiding principle of advanced civilization is unity. Acknowledgment of the Oneness, and the sacredness of all life. And so what we find in all elevated societies is that under no circumstances would one being willfully take the life of another of its own species against its will. Attack would not occur in that society or species. If a highly evolved species were attacked by another, it is a guarantee that the attacker would be the lesser evolved. Indeed, the attacker would be, essentially, a primitive being. For no evolved being would attack anyone.

The only reason a species under attack would kill another would be that the attacked being forgot Who It Really Is. If the first being thought it was a corporal body – its physical form – then it might kill its attacker, for it would fear the “end of its own life.” If, on the other hand, the first being understood full well that it was not its body, it would never end the corporal existence of another – for it would never have a reason to. It would simply lay down its own corporal body and move into the experience of its non-corporal self. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi! The writers of what you call your “science fiction” are often leading you to greater truth.

In Book 1, God explained that the day will come when the words and actions of others will not hurt you. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, you will experience no damage, even when someone is “killing” you. This is the level of mastery that has been reached by the members of the societies God is now describing. The beings in these societies are very clear Who They Are and who they are not. It is very difficult to cause one of them to experience being “damaged” or “hurt,” least of all by placing their corporal body in danger. They would simply exit their body and leave it for you, if you felt the need to hurt it so much.

Highly evolved beings (“ HEBs ”) of the universe would never kill another sentient being in anger. First, they would not experience anger. Second, they would not end the corporal existence of any other being without that being’s permission. And third, they would never feel “attacked,” even from outside their own society or species, because to feel “attacked” you have to feel that someone is taking something from you – your life, your loved ones, your freedom, your property, or possessions – something . And a HEB would simply give you whatever you thought you needed so badly that you were prepared to take it by force – even if it cost the evolved being its corporal life – because the HEB knows she can create everything all over again . She would quite naturally give it all away to a lesser being who did not know this. HEBs are therefore not martyrs, nor are they victims of anyone’s “despotism.” Yet it goes beyond this. Not only is the HEB clear that he can create everything all over again, he is also clear that he doesn’t have to . He is clear that he needed none of it to be happy, or to survive. He understands that he requires nothing exterior to himself, and that the “himself” which he is has nothing to do with anything physical. Lesser evolved beings and races are not always clear about this. Finally, the HEB understands that she and her attackers are One. She sees the attackers as a wounded part of her Self. Her function in that circumstance is to heal all wounds, so that the All in One can again know itself as it really is. Giving away all that she has would be like giving yourself an aspirin.

A HEB might give another being permission to end its physical life for any number of reasons. It might offer itself as food, for instance. Or to serve some other necessity – like stopping a war. Even some humans won’t kill any animal for food or hides without asking the spirit of that being for permission. This is the way of your Native Americans, who would not even pick a flower, an herb, or a plant without having this communication. All of your indigenous cultures do the same. Interestingly, those are the tribes and cultures that you call “primitive.” As with all races and species, some Native Americans are HEBs and some aren’t. It is an individual thing. As a culture, though, Native Americans have reached a very high level. The cultural myths which inform much of their experience are very elevated. But, you have forced them to mix their cultural myths with your own.

Well something to ponder indeed.

In terms of the theory of evolution what I see is adaptive behavior or the result of adaptive behavior as a component of evolved beings.

“Natural selection can occur without leading to evolution if differences among individuals are not genetically based. Nonetheless, much of the phenotypic variation within a population is, in fact, genetically based; consequently, natural selection often does lead to evolutionary change.” Is adaptive.

There is also non-adaptive evolution;

“Nonadaptive evolution any change in allele frequency that does not by itself lead a population to become more adapted to its environment; the causes are mutation, genetic drift, and gene flow. - occurs when allele frequencies in a population change randomly.”

I notice a similarity in your description of HEBs and non-adaptive evolution where as AI is more like selective breeding (artificial selection) and natural selection.

The major point here is that any of this (robotic decision makers) is necessary or functional?

It is complex, but there are similarities. I think Native Americans form relationships in a different way and would no doubt not find themselves having to make these choices.

Evolution is a process ,one which we can consciously use principles to guide it .This is called concious evolution.The visionary futurist ,Barbara Marx Ford Hubbard wrote a book a few years back of the same name .

I think we have reached this point, a crises point a bit like a birthing event .A difficult and possibly dangerous time for humanity if we do not stop and think about our choices as individuals and as a collective.
You are correct about adaptive behaviour, if humans do not now make the adaptations necessary for a sustainable future.
Life will counter adapt and humans will not like the results . It means life could become hell on Earth.
The mistake humans make is thinking we are separate from the big self .

“Meme, unit of cultural information spread by imitation. The term meme (from the Greek mimema, meaning “imitated”) was introduced in 1976 by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his work The Selfish Gene.”

I can agree evolution is a process. I’m not sure we completely understand it as a theory well enough to influence it intelligently or intentionally. (as some of us simply refuse to consider it exists) I am skeptical of artificial intelligence for several reasons mainly through experience, to be more precise would be the interaction between human beings and artificial intelligence. The examples in this article go well beyond my experience and their flaws would have greater consequence. This is quite telling about our technological evolution. I didn’t realize you are such a deep thinker Hemp, I’m going to have to give this more thought. I try to be careful in this regard and really don’t care for some of the energies created in this process. (not referring to this discussion) I don’t think some of this is worth adapting to except on a spiritual level. Different rules.

Where have all the Native people gone, any idea?

Hope this helps…

HEBs abandoned the concept of “nationalism” because they saw that it works against their First Guiding Principle: WE ARE ALL ONE. You separate yourself into nations for reasons of survival and security – and produce just the opposite. HEBs refuse to join together in nations. They believe in simply one nation. You might even say they have formed “one nation, under God.” The point is that all races and species are evolving, and evolution – the purpose of observing what serves you, and making behavioral adaptations – seems to keep moving in one direction, and away from another. It keeps moving towards unity, and away from separation. This is not surprising, since unity is the Ultimate Truth, and “evolution” is just another word for “movement toward truth.”

Do not confuse “process” and “principle.” The process is evolution. The “principle” which guides the process is what directs the course of your evolution. If you are claiming “survival of the fittest” as a Guiding Principle, then you are saying “A Guiding Principle of Evolution is evolution .” Yet that is the statement of a race which does not know that it can control the course of its own evolution . That is the statement of a species which thinks itself to be relegated to the status of observer of its own evolution. Because most people think that “evolution” is a process which is simply “going on” – not a process which they are directing , according to certain principles . And so the species is announcing, “We evolve by the principle of…well, evolution .” But they never say what that principle IS, because they have confused the process and the principle. The species, on the other hand, which has become clear that evolution is a process – but a process over which the species has control – has not confused “process” with “principle,” but consciously chooses a principle which it uses to guide and direct its process . This is called conscious evolution, and your species has just arrived there.

HEBs do not use “evolution” as their First Guiding Principle of Evolution, but, rather, they have created a principle, based on pure observation. They have simply observed that they are all One, and they have devised political, social, economic, and spiritual mechanisms which undergird, rather than undermine, that First Guiding Principle.

I don’t know Hemp, that sounds pretty linear to me. I don’t want to step on this if it is an aspiration but I think there is a paradox in this theory of HEB.

Anyway, I still think the folks at lockheed-martin need remedial care in their direction or evolutionary course. Did you know they make the cameras they place at traffic intersections and every time we fail to obey the lights placed there, we are subject to a fine and lockheed -martin makes about $80.

I understand we are all related, but some of us have never learned to play well with others.

They just need to remember…

Time to Awaken The Species .

We Are All One .

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