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Rochester Police Accused of 'Unnecessarily Aggressive Behavior' During Protest Over Killing of Daniel Prude

The most intolerably egregious instances of police terror keep just happening to pop up in crucial swing states and districts, such as Kenosha and Minnesota. A map of the states Hilary completely ignored in 2016 should provide reliable guidance as to where we’ll next see some police terrorist emptying their magazine into someone’s body, for no reason.

This is just a coincidence, for sure, no doubt!


suspended with pay

In other words, they were rewarded with a vacation. Sick. Perverse. Organizing needs to start and start soon.


Some of us are with you and your anguish.

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And don’t they get it that people are eventually going to shoot back in self defense?

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I agree with you both. I will vote for the democrat for the same reason I did in 2016. To keep trump away from anything and everything.
The so-called Christian right have supported this criminal, mentally deficient, immoral, hateful, money mongering jerk. If they would open even one eye they would conclude that trump has broken, consistently, 7-8 of the 10 commandments. Just the kind of guy you want your daughter to bring home some day.


And which response mode to use IF police are called. Only certain cops should be allowed to be armed with weapons that can kill.

I will empathize with you when your hopes for a few bones are dashed.

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Typical Times “objectivity”

“It was unclear what led them to do so.”

Maybe because they’re fucking cops … ?

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Every time that the police kill someone without obvious reason the National Players Association should meet and declare A WEEK OF PROTEST. NO GAMES. THAT WOULD GET PEOPLE AND OWNERS AND GAMBLERS AND GOVERNMENTS TO ATTENTION.


Taking angel dust, PCP, brings on mental health episodes.
Some drugs have no redeeming value to individuals and hurt society.
Often, assailants who commit pointless attacks are on PCP.

PCP should not be available for sale and use, law enforcement and prosecution seems to be required to halt its damage.
I don’t think civil suits alone, naming pushers, will stop its sale

The reaction is that people turn their back on the game. Note the recent dramatic fall in football watching and basketball as well.

People watch sports for entertainment. If they are not entertained, they will desert to any of the many alternatives. Sports figures aren’t going to change anything

If Jesus was the Democratic candidate the “Christian” right voters would vote for Trump.