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Rocka My Soul


Rocka My Soul

Robert C. Koehler

And suddenly the glass case shattered. You know the one, perhaps. I’d been agitated by it for the past hour or so, sitting as I was maybe 25 rows back from the stage at Chicago’s ornate Auditorium Theater, watching the Alvin Ailey troupe dance their hearts out, moving their bodies with such lithe precision and grace.


We use an alphabet, a system that breaks communication down into reconstruction of meaning through the forest of individual symbols, aggregated to reproduce SOUNDS (‘meaning’ really needs to be thought about in this context) and call it ‘literacy’. Peoples who do not write utilize multiple modalities in remembering. Body memory is a major component in this. Is it any wonder that such eloquence in dance goes right to the heart and mind? It bypasses the alphabetic lexicon and takes wing with the sheer breadth and richness of the nature of direct experience. Direct experience is the generator of language - “I’m speechless” is a testament to this elegance of reality.
Just as inspirational is to have a chance to witness the study and preparation that goes into the melding of respect and love stretching the capacity to express. We do the ‘hard work’ every day - its a gift to be reminded that it is the real meaning of work+joy+learning= human expression of equilibrium - our real purpose in life!


Wish I was there to dance with you, Bob, and shed those tears and be so uplifted - I saw a clip on TV several weeks ago and had a similar experience - tho’ I have seen these performers before and almost ‘knew’ what to expect - it was far more like your experience - so thanks for sharing your heart’s messages again - so wonder-full, as usual! Love/peace, Elizabeth/ny