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Rockefellers Divest from Fossil Fuels—Starting with Exxon Because #ExxonKnew



The ecological crisis is the seminal issue for us all--without a livable planet, obviously, all other issues are moot. Good to see action against criminal corporations such as Exxon and Monsanto. May Life prevail on Mother Earth!

"$130 million Rockefeller Family Fund announced that it has sold all of its ExxonMobil shares and that it plans to ditch all fossil fuels companies' stocks.": But who is actually buying them? This will change nothing until a way is found to neutralize these shares.


Well irony is a real word but then the descendants of Rockefeller are not John D. himself either.

The main point is the divestment from oil. Even the Rockefellers are divesting from oil.

Divesting from oil ... Those are real words too. The ones that we have all longed to hear around the world and not just from the Rockefeller descendants.

Divestment from oil is happening!

Wasn't that supposedly impossible only a few years ago?

It is happening now.


Nice and needed. This should be part of the platform of demands for a people powered movement.

Nice to know there are other "anti-Americans" around.:laughing:


Prego. E si', solidarieta'!!